Burkett, Maxine




This webpage lists all of the articles that the faculty member has physically donated to the Law Library's Faculty Archive.  Please see the Biography, ScholarSpace and SSRN links above to find more publications by this faculty member.

Series A- Articles

  • Lessons from Contemporary Resettlement in the South Pacific,
    68 J. Int'l Aff.  (2016)

  • Climate-induced migration and the role of philanthropy
    Alliance Magazine (2016) 

  • Small Island States and the Paris Agreement (2015)

  • Rehabilitation: Proposal for Climate Compensation Mechanism for Small Island States.
    13 Santa Clara J. Int'l L. 1 (2015)

  • Loss and Damage.
    4 Climate L. (2014)

Series B- Books and Book Chapters 

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