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How to Search

The general public may search the Finding Aids and Indexes of publically accessible archival collections.  But to gain deeper access to item records and digital collections, please view our Access Policy Page to set up a Researcher account. 

You may begin a search for items in this archive database by entering a keyword in the search box located at the top right of the website.  See if there are any helpful results.  


The Advanced Search drop down menus help you to search specific keywords within a collection. 

A suggested  Advanced Search strategy for a specific term could include

  • Narrow by Specific Fields
    • Title (case names, person name)
    • Date
  • Select Below Field - contains
  • Blank space beneath - [keyword]
  • Search by Collection - Select a specific collection from the drop down menu
  • Click Search for items to get search results.


There is also a search bar at the top where you can enter specific queries based on keyword, boolean, or exact match.

There are different ways the information in this database is presented.  This could help you narrow down your search strategy.

  • Item - limits search to information on an item's record, which may be attached to the digitized file.
  • File - limits search to digitized files attached to the item record uploaded into this database.
  • Collection - limits search to a group of item records organized under a shared collection.
  • Simple Page - limits search to a web page in this database.
  • Exhibit - limits search to a finding aid and its indexes listed on the drop down menu.