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How to Search

You can search the Finding Aids and Indexes of publically accessible archival collections.

If you click on the ellipses on the right of the search bar, you will get a drop down menu.  To begin a general search, enter a keyword in the search box. 

You can also narrow down your search to bring up specific kinds of records.  If you check any of these items, it will bring up records that present information in specific ways. 

  • Exhibit - limits search to public finding aid and box lists for all collections.  This is the best way to search for items in our collection because Exhibit Finding Aid/Box Lists lists all the metadata of our collections in a publically accessible way. When arriving to a specific Finding Aid page or box list, use the Ctrl + F keystroke to search for your desired term on the page.
  • Item - limits search to item records, which have Title, Date, Subject, Source, and Identifier fields that can be used to narrow down searches.  Item records may have digitized files attached to them.  However, not all item records are public due to privacy or copyright issues.  Please see the Access page to find out how to gain deeper access to the collection.
  • File - limits search to digitized files attached to item records. 
  • Collection - limits search to a group of item records organized under a shared collection. 



The Advanced Search feature allows you to search keywords in specific fields of our item records.  This search tool works best to find public item records.  It is possible to search private records after Registering and creating an account (see Create Research Account below), or contacting the Archives Manager for assistance.   

If the item record has been made public, it would be possible to to Narrow Search by Specific Fields

  • In the "Select Below" field drop down, select one of the main fields used in this database: 
    • Title - includes description of the item, such as names, titles, subjects, case files, publication types 
    • Subject - terms from the archive creator's own classification systems
    • Source - thematic categories of an archive created by the archivist
    • Date - year 
    • Identifier - name of the box where the item is stored
  • In the "Select Below" field drop down, select contains
  • In the next blank space, enter your search term. 
  • The field "Search by Collection" allows you to search your term within a specific collection listed in the drop down menu.  
  • Click Search for items to get search results.



To gain deeper access to collections, including the private item records and digital collections, please view our Access Policy Page to set up a Researcher account.  You can also contact the Archives Manager for assistance.