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Access Policy

We welcome the public to research our collections.  

The Archival Collections at the University of Hawaiʻi School of Law Library are located at 

2525 Dole St. Honolulu, HI 96822
Library Circulation Desk (leave a message): (808) 956-7583
Archives Manager Phone: (808) 956-2867
Archives Manager Email: ellenrae[at]hawaii[dot]edu

Please contact the Archives Manager above to inquire about accessing documents in this archive or to set up a Researcher Account for this archives database.  

These are the general procedures for access:

Remote Access Procedures

If you have explored the finding aid or search engine and found an item that you would like to access, please fill out the Researcher Registration Form (pdf) OR email the Archives Manager with this information:

  • The item title, identifier and collection name.
  • Your name 
  • Email address

If there are no restrictions or problems with fulfillment, the Archives Manager will email you a digital copy of the item requested.

In-Person Access Procedures

Step 1: Prepare a Research Appointment

  • To research in our archives database (archives.law.hawaii.edu), enter keywords in the search box at the top right of the page.  When you find items in the search results, identify the title or which collection, series # and/or folder # your item is located in.  
  • Not everything is digitized and made publicly accessible due to copyright, privacy, or sensitivity issues.  But you can gain wider access to the items in the database by contacting the Archives Manager at 956-2867 or at the email address above. If you encounter 404 error pages when you click on a link on any of our indexes, or fail to access relevant search results in your search, please contact the Archives Manager for reference assistance, or to set up login credentials to access more items in the database.   
  • All items, digitized and non-digitized, are accessible in person by scheduling a meeting with the Archives Manager, or remotely through email correspondence, and by completing a Researcher Registration Form (pdf).
  • Items can be viewed when the Archives Manager, or another qualified staff member, is on duty.  Please contact the circulation desk at 808-956-7583 if you have any questions about our hours of operation. 

Step 2: When You Come In

  • Read the archives access policy and fill out the Researcher Registration Form (pdf).
  • Please prepare to submit a form of collateral (ID, credit card, etc.) to begin researching in the archives. It will be returned once your appointment is completed.
  • Please help us protect the longevity of our collections: No food, beverages, pens, or gum chewing is allowed during the use of the archival material.
  • Follow the staff to the designated Archives research space to begin examining the items. 
  • No backpacks, bags, purses, pens, highlighters, or ink-based writing instruments are allowed in the Archives research space. The Archives Manager can provide you a pencil and paper upon request. 
  • If you need assistance finding specific items, the Archives Manager will need to interview you about your research question to help identify relevant items.  To help save time, you can review the collection finding aids and box lists yourself and inform the Archives Manager of these items. 
  • The Archives Manager will bring out the items. Please keep all archival materials in the order you found them, in their designated folders.
  • Archival material must not be altered in any way.
  • Physical archival material cannot be taken out of the library. However digital scans can be e-delivered to you at no cost, and xerox copy prints are possible at $0.10 a page.
  • All original material must be returned to the Archives Manager or staff member serving you.