Disc 2 Track 03. Continuation of Jamie Hunter


Disc 2 Track 03. Continuation of Jamie Hunter


Disc 2


Series 1: Memorabilia
Oral History/Testimony - A Law School for Hawaii






Hawaii State Judiciary Committee


Jamie Hunter


(0:00-0:27) Oh, and we helped Core do a study that showed that negroes in Eugene, Oregon, who amount to about 120 people, were stopped..that is...if you were black, we prove that you would be stopped by police for no reason whatever and harassed, something like, 20 times more frequently than if you were white.

(0:27-0:43) I don't think any of those things, a private practitioner could have gotten into meaningfully. But I think someone teaching law school has the resources of lots of eager student who has, Mr. Mattic has explained, are bored to tears by the time they are through their first year.

(0:45-0:53) When you get all of their energies flowing into something they consider relevant, all kinds of things start happening.

(0:53-1:16) The most far-reaching program of this nature that I know about is now going on at USC where they hired Garid Belleau who used to be the deputy director of California rule Legal Assistance Program to be a...I think it’s an endowed professor with tenure, right?

(1:16-1:42) He teaches no class that is he never has to get up and talk to anybody. The law students who want to, that he accepts, work with him on the projects he considers most relevant. And among those projects so far have been representing Cesar Chavez and suing on behalf of the blacks in L.A. the Los Angeles Police Department, which caused the chief of police to quit.

(1:45-2:08) And there are other programs going on, I'm sure the USC trustees had turn over in their graves if they knew that their endowment was paying to represent the blacks in Caesar Chavez. But it's going on there and if it can go on in USC and I think if it has the support of this university community, it can go on here but it will be controversial.

(2:10-2:46) Four of us at the University of Oregon who were of this mind, teaching at the law school, are now reduced to one. The other three have left because their programs and their ideas were not supported. Among the things that had just occurred to me, since I have been here, need critical examination which I haven't got time. Which I don't know anyone who has time to look into but law students would gladly look into.

(2:49-3:19) Let's just start at the top. How come nerve gas and defoliants were tested and stored on the Big Island without you and I even knowing about it? Can we rely on the state to investigate that? The state signed the contract allowing it. They say they didn't know. I have no reason to disbelieve them but I would like to look further into it.

(3:19-3:32) How come Kaho’olawe still gets bombed? How come the Navy has not even lived up to its obligation to keep goats down on Kahoolawe? It's certainly kept the people out.

(3:32-3:42) How come Kaho’olawe, because of the goats, is turning it into a desert? Did you know the Sahara Desert was reduced to a desert by goats?

(3:42-4:12) The island of Eiao in the Marquesas was reduced to a dirt desert by goats and sheep. That’s going on at Kaho’olawe everyday and yet we are talking here about our ecology and our environment. We are aware of the high price of land in Hawaii. We can't even buy land and yet here it is being bombed. I suppose it’s better we bomb our own land than some other nations.

(4:12-4:40) How come raw sugar, when you can buy it, cost more than white refined sugar? Which was sent to the mainland and sent back. Which is a poison according to nutritionists. Which is according to tooth decay experts, white sugar is, a vital part of the mechanism that causes tooth decay.

(4:42-5:02) Try to buy raw sugar. I went to the Sugar Mill in Maui. I went to the manager and said “Hey, give me a bag of raw sugar. I wanna buy some raw sugar. It’s much better for you than white sugar, you know?“ And he said, “Oh no, that stuff is dirty. I can’t sell that to you. I wouldn’t want to be responsible for the consequences of your eating it.”

(5:02-5:21) And yet the Hawaiians, and the Marquesans, and all the Polynesian people who lived on honey and other natural sweets rather than refined sugar had perfect Teeth. Look at the records of Captain Cook. They had perfect teeth before white sugar. And look at our teeth.

(5:26-5:56) A few others just...what are the right of students within the University? If a student is suspended because he is arrested in town, can he be suspended by the administration? Does he have any way to attack that? Does he have any way to protect himself? Is there a student bill of rights at this University? There is at the University of Oregon only because of the law students’ and law professors’ involvement with the project.

(6:01-6:12) I understand from the papers that there is even a proposal in this community that this University be moved out of Manoa evidently the land’s too valuable to waste on education.

(6:19-6:22) That’s just within the law school and I’d like to mention one of…


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