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The Great Hawaiʻi Dock Strike

The story of the 1949 dock strike in Hawaiʻi is told through interviews, file footage and re-enactments of historic events. Features the activities of Jack Hall, Robert McElrath, Louis Goldblatt, Harriet Bouslog.

Government spending lid backed

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Proposal to limit govenment spending and have been endorsed by Hawaiin First Bank. Such a limit would put increases in govenment spending on a one-to-one relationship with increases in income for Island residents.

Water Board's Hirata Raps Con Con Proposal

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Hirata expressed his opposition to the convention’s Proposal 17, Paragraph 8, which was approved last week by the Committee on Environment, Agriculture, Conservation and Land but has not yet been acted on by the entire convention.

Windward Taro Planters File Suit Over Water Tap

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Continuation from page one: The farmers went to court and asked for enough extra water to swell the Waihee Stream flow to 3 million gallons a day. Circuit Judge Arthur S.K. Fong, on Aug. 15, 1977, granted a preliminary injunction directing the Board…

Water Board's Hirata Raps Con Con Proposal

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A Constitutional Convention proposgl giving the state power to hold all waters as a public trust is unnecessary, according to Edward Y. Hirata, Honolulu Board of Water Supply’s manager-chief engineer. Hirata also said specifics on how the state…

Con Con work on growth lauded

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The state administration is cheering on efforts in the Constitutional Convention to strengthen the state’s constitutional authority to carry out growth management policies. State Budget Director Ellen Anderson suggested that" the mechanics for…

Revised Proposal on Water Okayed

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By an overwhelming vote, the Constitutional Convention yesterday gave preliminary approval to a new definition of the state’s responsibility regarding water resources. The sugar companies were against many of the convention’s proposals dealing with…

Ethics panel seeks constitutional code

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The state E thics Commission wants to see more uniformity in the state and county ethics codes and is looking to the Constitutional Convention to accomplish that. The existing constitutional provision on ethics codes states that the "Legislature and…

Con Con to take up question of delegates hiring relatives (cont')

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Delegates who have hired members of their families to serve on their staffs may be forced to fire them if the Constitutional Convention agrees to a change in its proposed rules of conduct.

Extra Pay for Con Con Delegates

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High Opinion piece: In our concept, seats in legislatures, county councils and constitutional conventions can and should be held by people with strong views and interests — so long as those views and interests are known to the voters at election…