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A Curriculum History of the William S. Richardson School of Law

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This curriculum history exhibit was created for the Faculty & Staff Welcome Back reception on August 17, 2023, and in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the William S. Richardson School of Law.

The goal of this exhibit was to raise awareness on the founding vision and objectives of the Law School through its curriculum and social impact, in the past 50 years. The designers of this exhibit explored the Law School History archives and Law School website to find information on the curriculum committee, the Pre-Admission Program (precursor to Ulu Lehua Program), and Law School Academic Programs. 

The first area of focus was on the origins of the law school shaped by legislative history and research studies during the early years of Hawaiʻi's Statehood, to advocate for the opening of a state-funded law school at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. 

The second area of focus was on the early years of the law school, such as entering class statistics, first-year program description, accreditation, the ETE bowl, the preadmission program's directors, and other academic programs and curricular activities that aimed to meet Hawaiʻi's diverse, complex needs. 

The third area of focus features portraits of the Deans of the Law School from 1972 to 2023. The various positions represented are Deans, Associate Deans, Acting Deans, Assistant Dean, Assistant to Associate Dean, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, and Associate Dean for Student Services. This gallery of portraits reveals the transformation of the school's leadership over time in ethnicity and gender. 

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Attorney Myer C. Symonds Collection

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This collection includes biographical and professional papers of Myer C. Symonds who worked with Harriet Bouslog as the attorneys of the International Longshore Worker's Union (ILWU). These papers provide an understanding of the political-economic times in which he served as a labor lawyer in Hawaii, particularly during the red-baiting that occurred in the late 1940s-1950s. 

Custodial History

Myer Symonds gave these materials to Professor Mari Matsuda and Lila Gardner to be shared to the University of Hawaiʻi Law Library on December 12, 2011 for public research purposes. Matsuda corresponded with Symonds during her research on Hawaiʻi labor history and Harriet Bouslog for the book Called from Within: Early Women Lawyers of Hawaii

Access Restrictions

Select documents have been digitized and linked to the index (Folder 1, Folder 2, Folder 3 & Folder 4) for public accessibility through the Internet.  Items that have not been linked are not available online due to copyright restrictions.  However, patrons  can contact the Archives Manager to request access documents in-person or through email correspondence. 

Physical Description

The papers include handwritten notes, newspaper clippings, legislative documents, court documents and correspondences (1933-2009) which came from Myer Symond's own scrapbook and various collections. The collection is one box totaling 1 linear feet.  Some important keywords from this collection are: 

1950 Constitutional Convention
Armistice Day Speech
Art Rutledge
C.J. Samuel B. Kemp
C.J. William S. Richardson
Charles Garry
Clair Engle
Criminal Lawyer
Ernest J. Torregano
Gustave Meyer v. G.B. Collins
Harold Glasser
Harriet Bouslog
Hawaii 7 Jury
Hawaii Bar Association
Hebden Porteus
Hiram L. Fong
Honorable Delbert E. Metzger
Internal Security Subcommittee
Jack Hall
Japanese Relocation
John E. Reinecke
Labor Advocacy
Local 5
Mari Matsuda
Military Service
Mrs. Leah Symonds
Mrs. Morton Lewis
Myer C. Symonds
National Lawyer's Guild
Office of Price Administration
Okeith v. Johnson
Robert McElrath
Ronald B. Jamieson
Samuel P. King
Smith Act
United States of America v. Arthur Willard Parelius
Vincent Hallinan
Wilfred M. Oka

Access Restrictions

The materials are accessible in person at the University of Hawaiʻi School of Law Library.  Please see the Access page for more information.

Reference Code

These items are cataloged as the Attorney Myer C. Symonds Collection.  Go to the index page of this collection to browse the records. Note the Box number and folder number to request access to them.

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