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William S. Richardson School of Law Faculty Publications Archive Finding Aid


The William S. Richardson School of Law Faculty Publications Archive collects, organizes, and preserves material published by faculty members of the School, both past and present.

This guide lists all of the physical print faculty publications and select digital publications that the Law Library currently holds in the Archive. 

Access to the physical collection is restricted to Law Library Staff only. The digital publications can be accessed through respective Faculty Member's page.  Additional copies may be available in the Law Libraryʻs circulating collections through searching the Law Library's catalog.  Select digital publications are made available via the W.S. Richardson School of Law Faculty Publications on ScholarSpace.  

Malia Akutagawa

Troy Andrade

Denise Antolini

Tae-Ung Baik

Shalanda Baker

John Barkai

Daniel L. Barnett

Beamer, Kamanamaikalani

Hazel Glenn Beh

Charles Booth

Addison Bowman

Ronald Brown

Maxine Burkett

James Burns

David L. Callies

Williamson B.C. Chang

David Cohen

Charles Colman

Allison Conner

Danielle Conway

Diane A. Desierto

David M. Forman

Lawrence Foster

Andrea Freeman

Virginia Hench

Brian Huffman

Chris Iijima

Linda Krieger

Charles Lawrence

Lenora H. Lee

Mark Levin

Justin Levinson

Melody K. MacKenzie

Mari Matsuda

Richard Miller

Keiko Okuhara

Calvin Pang

Carole J. Petersen

James H. Pietsch

Avis Poai

William S. Richardson

Randall W. Roth

Susan Serrano

Avi Soifer

D. Kapuaʻala Sproat

Vicki Szymczak

Jon Van Dyke

Roberta Woods

Eric K. Yamamoto