Disc 2 Track 07. Continuation of Tim McKesson to William Richardson


Disc 2 Track 07. Continuation of Tim McKesson to William Richardson


Disc 2


Series 1: Memorabilia
Oral History/Testimony - A Law School for Hawaii






Hawaii State Judiciary Committee


Tim McKesson and William Richardson


(0:00-0:05) Tim McKesson: It strikes me that Hawaii has a unique opportunity in this respect.

(0:07-1:58) Secondly, I have found that, as a number of the speakers have pointed out, there is a practical funded operating interest in the comparative law studies of the sort that the East-West center has made the start on. In the Asian development bank we found that it would be important to the success of our program if we could get a comparative study leading to, hopefully, law modernization. A study of the constraints relating to development lending in 10 of our countries. We got Ford foundation financing for this and I am particularly proud of the fact that I was able to go to the japanese bankers society and get them to put some money that enabled an editorial board composed of some of the leading young lawyers from Australian law schools with the cooperation of the society for law in the Asia and Western Pacific known as Law Asia. A program that is going to be producing results by the end of this year and which follows on Law Asia's previous study of the Asian contract law. As I say, this is the kind of practical study in comparative law which will have considerable importance in the development program of the East-West Center and which will have, of course, practical interest to the agribusiness investment group in Kauai to the tourist business and hotel interests of Hawaii as they extend their operations around the pacific basin.

(1:59-4:14) Thirdly, I noted that there is a very considerable growth in new areas of the law it’s already been mentioned that there is a great development going underway in the law relating to ocean resources the development of offshore petroleum. This is going to lead in a number of areas in the pacific to the potentiality for very serious boundary disputes and there is going to be a need for much greater clarity in the law than there is now. The oceanographic scientific competence already at the University of Hawaii, it strikes me, should be matched by a legal competence in this area. It’s been mentioned that the importance of environment protection to Hawaii is very likely to lead to the development of the law here which will call for a very considerable opportunity for special law school programs and for sharing this with the other countries around the pacific basin. At the outset of this program, it was stressed by Mr. Schultz, that the interest of all those who are working on a law school for Hawaii has been there to be a first rate law school. It seems to me that one of the most impressive testimonies to this has been the quality of participation of the speakers who preceded me. I think that the bar association panel and that the studies that Mr. Justice Richardson has organized are of most impressive quality. In what I have drawn your attention to and what the previous speakers have mentioned, it seems to me there’s a tremendous opportunity for the provision of a needed service that will be of great use, not only to Hawaii, but also to the United States and to the neighboring countries of this area.

(4:17-5:08) William Richardson: Ladies and gentlemen at this time I would like to thank all of you for coming out today. We are always available for questions, and I’d stay here to answer them if you want me to, but at this time we decided to go to 12 o’clock and I want to thank all of you for coming out. Especially President Cleveland sitting in on through this with us and his (thinking of?) a program such as this. We did not get to questions concerning costs of the law school, which we were prepared to answer, the timing involved, the choice of a dean, and so many other subjects. Thanks to all of you for being with us and all of the speakers for spending their time today.

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