Series 12: Research, Box 6

Subseries Item Folder Number Date
Research - Miscellaneous Victimology: World Society of Victimology brochure; Inter-University Centre of Postgraduate Studies, Dubrovnik flyer regarding Victims and the Criminal Justice System; Annex, Declaration on Justice and Assistance for Victims; Draft Resolution on Justice and Assistance to Victims, The Seventh United Nations Congress on the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders; Photocopy of The Notion on Victimology, "Victimology: A New Approach in the Social Sciences" by Zvonimir P. Separovic SKS12B6:1 1984-1985
Research - Miscellaneous Same-sex Marriage: The Honolulu Advertiser articles, "French bill sets off same-sex debate in Europe"; "Gay couple sues Hawaii"; The San Francisco Sunday Examiner and Chronicle article, "India's 'eunuchs' celebrate marriage"; Photocopy of The Yale Law Journal, "Same-Sex Marriage and the Right of Privacy" by William M. Hohengarten; Fax correspondence from "Mika" to Judge King regarding an enclosed copy of H.B. No. 2312 S.D. 1 Relating To Marriage; Pacific Reporter, Ninia Baeher, et al. v. John C. Lewin, No. 15689, Supreme Court of Hawaii. Opinion Granting in Part and Denying in Part Clarification and Reconsideration; SKS12B6:2 1993-1998
Research - Miscellaneous City Charter Commission: Honolulu Star-Bulletin issue, "Honolulu, A City in Your Hands, A report to the people by the city charter commission"; Charter of the City and County of Honolulu as revised by the Charter Commission, City and County of Honolulu; Final Report of the Charter Commission, City and County of Honolulu SKS12B6:3 1971-1972
Research - Miscellaneous Hui Malama: Honolulu Advertiser articles, "Judge Ezra vs. Hawaiian beliefs"; "Judge Ezra acted responsibly"; "From Cave in 1905 to Court in 2006"; "One of the central issues is what constituted a 'loan'"; "Dispute delivers praise and scorn to Hui Malama" SKS12B6:4 2006
Research - Miscellaneous The American Trust for the British Library letter correspondence between Samuel P. King and Douglas W. Bryant regarding access to British Library materials and subscription fees; Letter correspondence between Professor R. A. Burchell and Samuel P. King regarding King's project, "Kamehameha's Haoles" SKS12B6:5 1993-1996
Research - Miscellaneous Handwritten notes regarding "British Library rare books and music" SKS12B6:6 September 10, 1998
Research - Miscellaneous Letter correspondence from Raymond Y. C. Ho regarding an enclosed copy of the Land Records Management and Organization in the State of Hawai‘i, A Survey Report SKS12B6:7 1961
Research - Miscellaneous Letter correspondence from Andrew T. F. Ing to Samuel King regarding an enclosed copy of the Report to the Legislature on a Recording System for the Division of Conveyances, Department of Land and Natural Resources, State of Hawaii SKS12B6:8 March 1963
Research - Miscellaneous Land Court of the State of Hawaii Invitation to celebrate the 100 anniversary since the Land Court was adopted in 1903; Letter correspondence from Julius C.C. Edelstein to Samuel P. King regarding a New York Times article about Hawaii's dependence on Tourism; The New York Times article, "Hawaii is Rethinking Its Dependency on Tourism"; The Honolulu Advertiser article, "More ethnic diversity predicted for U.S." SKS12B6:9 1992-2003
Research - Miscellaneous Documents and Photocopies Regarding the Pledge of Allegiance: The New York Times article, "Court That Ruled on Pledge Often Runs Afoul of Justices"; "Circuit Court Well Known For Reversals of Rulings"; "A Proudly Liberal Judge Who Pushes the Envelope"; The Honolulu Advertiser article, "Pledge of Allegiance furor is overblown"; The Honolulu Star-Bulletin article, "100-year-old Pledge of Allegiance no stranger to whims of the day"; United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, Michael A. Newdow v. US Congress, George W. Bush. No. 00-16423 D.C. No. CV-00-00495-MLS/PAN. OPINION; San Francisco chronicle article, "Alfred T. Goodwin Supporters call senior judge a modest man of integrity Uproar misconstrues decision, they say"; The American Legion article, "Our Flag, History of the Pledge of Allegiance"; USA today article, "It began in 1892 as international peace pledge" by Kurt Jensen; Legislative history database regarding 2339 P.L. 83-396, Flag-- Pledge of Allegiance, Senate Report No. 83-1287, House Report No. 83-1693; Legislative history p. 2339, Flag-Display and Use; United States Code Annotated; United States Statutes at Large; United States Code Congressional Service, Laws of 79th Congress, First Session; United States Code Congressional and Administrative News, 83rd Congress-Second Session; United States Code Congressional and Administrative News, 94th Congress-Second Session; United States Code Congressional and Administrative News 105th Congress-Second Session SKS12B6:10 1942-2002
Research - Miscellaneous ACLU newsletter regarding The Bill of Rights SKS12B6:11 n/a
Research - Miscellaneous The Hawaiians Newsletter, Oahu Chapter; A.L.O.H.A. (Aboriginal Lands of Hawaiian Ancestry) Association, Inc. booklet titled "Bearing the torch for all Hawaiians of today"; Letter correspondence from "The Hawaiians" group to "Friend of Kalihi-Palama" regarding an invite to a meeting SKS12B6:12 1971
Research - Miscellaneous "New Rules and Regulations for Hawaiian Homes"; "The Gripe Box" and Directory list of the Executive Officers for the Oahu Chapter, Lokahi A Kupaa SKS12B6:13 n/a
Research - Miscellaneous The Honolulu Advertiser and Star-Bulletin articles regarding "The Hawaiians", ALOHA: Aboriginal Lands of Hawaiian Ancestry SKS12B6:14 January 30 - February 1, 1971
Research - Miscellaneous The Honolulu Advertiser and Star-Bulletin articles regarding Julie Andrews in "Hawaii" the film, Hawaii's Constitution, Randolph Crossley, taxes and the poor, Moana hotel, Jane Stanford SKS12B6:15 1968-1981
Research - Miscellaneous The Honolulu Advertiser and Star-Bulletin articles regarding the Missionary story, Kahuna, Gerrit Parmele Judd, Charles Reed Bishop, Obituaries, Lydia Aholo, Missionary epoch, 'Forsyte Saga' series, Chappaquiddick SKS12B6:16 1966-1979
Research - Miscellaneous The Korean Republic article, "Kennedy Shot to Death" SKS12B6:17 November 23, 1963
Research - Miscellaneous Hawaiian Research and handwritten notes regarding "I'ole 'ike Maupopo" SKS12B6:18 n/a
Research - Miscellaneous Hawaiian Politics: The Honolulu Advertiser and Star-Bulletin articles regarding John J. Medeiros, the 91st Congress, Hebden Porteus, Hiram L. Fong, George Fontes, Sewage issues, young Democrats, David and Julie Eisenhower, Frank Fasi, State prison, Walter M. Heen, Thomas P. Gill, Edward J. Hitchcock, Patricia Saiki SKS12B6:19 1969-1970
Research - Miscellaneous Personal Finance Law Quarterly Report, Volume 34, No. 3 SKS12B6:20 1980
Research - Miscellaneous Honolulu Magazine article, "The White House of the Pacific: The Story of Washington Place"; The San Diego Union Newspaper article regarding moving costs SKS12B6:21 1969
Research - Miscellaneous Kalo/Poi/GMO Kalo Production: "The Hawaiian Kalo" general information; The Honolulu Advertiser article regarding "Farmers, Hawaiians, others Protest Taro Patents"; Alu Like Poi Evaluation; Star-Bulletin article regarding "Hawaiians Protest Taro Patents"; Letter correspondence from Mervina Cash-Kaeo to Walter Heen regarding information about the abandonment of the kalo patent; SKS12B6:22 2006
Research - Miscellaneous Decrease in Hawaiian Population: Newspaper articles regarding declining Hawaiian population, Lt. Governor Jean King, Captain King, Thomas Evans, Susan Kellett, Sammy Amalu, Count Wichard von Koenigsmarck, Gordon Paiea Chun-Hoon, Hawaiian food at Congressional club, Racial poll; Honolulu Magazine, "When Jerome Died, The Murder Nobody Wants to Talk About, The Territory and the Gallows" SKS12B6:23 1973-1999
Research - Miscellaneous Deceased Members of the Hawai‘i State Bar: Letter correspondence from Edward K. Suzuki to Asa M. Akinaka regarding the memorial service of recently deceased members of the Hawaii Bar; Program for the Memorial Service for Deceased Attorneys SKS12B6:24 1977
Research - Miscellaneous Hawaiian Historical Archives: The Honolulu Advertiser and Star-Bulletin articles regarding the Hawaii's first Christmas, information on Historical Archives, genealogy and history of Kona and Hawaii, Laura Dowsett obituary, Census Bureau, Bill Lemke; The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction, No. XCV SKS12B6:25 1984-1996
Research - Miscellaneous Clayton Hee/OHA: Memorandum from Clayton H.W. Hee regarding three proposed legislative bills that the Trustees of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs have adopted as their recommendations to Senator Inouye; Fax correspondence from Gerard A. Jervis to Robert K. U. Kihune regarding the Resignation of Trustee Gerard A. Jervis; Email correspondence between Walter Heen, Crystal K. Rose, Tom Kaulukukui, etc., regarding Kamehameha Schools Opp/Ed, scheduling meetings, OHA, New York Times Editorial on Hawaii economy; "Coming Together" regarding support for passage of the Akaka Bill; Email correspondence from Randall W. Roth to Judge Sam King regarding Evans & Novak Political Report: "Senate May Approve Race-Based Government for Native Hawaiians" by David Freddoso; Fax correspondence from Jim Leavitt to Judge Sam King regarding Bishop Estate Trustee Compensation; Report of the Trustees under the will of the late Bernice P. Bishop submitted to Chief Justice A.F. Judd; Handwritten correspondence from "Ron" to Judge Sam King regarding the Hawaii Nationalist Movement; Handwritten correspondence from Kwan Hi Lim to Judge Sam King regarding "Hawaiian Sovereignty" article in the Hawaii Bar Journal SKS12B6:26 1992-2005
Research - Miscellaneous The Islander Magazine SKS12B6:27 November 1938
Research - Miscellaneous The Descendents of Queen Lili'uokalani: The Honolulu Advertiser and Star-Bulletin articles regarding Queen Lili'uokalani and Princess Theresa Owana Kaohelelani; Information regarding Lydia Kamakaeha Dominis, Queen Lili'uokalani; 6 Easter, Sixth Sunday of Easter SKS12B6:28 1973-1983
Research - Miscellaneous Iolani Palace brochure SKS12B6:29 November 10, 1966
Research - Miscellaneous Sam King Royal Music Collection, records of Marshall W. Stearns acquired by Samuel P. King, with a brief description of each and an indication of price SKS12B6:30 n/a
Research - Miscellaneous "Misconceptions of Legal Insanity" by Gregory Zilboorg, reprinted from The American Journal of Orthopsychiatry SKS12B6:31 July 1939
Research - Miscellaneous Star-Bulletin article, "Answers May Lie in Hawaiian Sovereignty" SKS12B6:32 September 23, 1991
Research - Miscellaneous Pen Pictures oh Homes Before During and After the War of Doctors J. P. Barrett, Samuel Marshall and S. S. Marshall by Mrs. I. D. Gaillard, Mrs. Rebeca Sproull Fouche; Pen Pictures Number Two, Sketches of Barhamville, Dr. J. P. Barratt, Rev. Charles A. Raymond, The Watsons, The Rudulphs, The Grookses, The Butlers, The Buncombe Street Home of Dr. Samuel S. Marshall; Genealogy of the Mays family and related families to 1929 by Samuel Edward Mays SKS12B6:33 1936
Research - Miscellaneous Statistical Summary of Education, Department of Interior SKS12B6:34 1933-1935
Research - Miscellaneous Honolulu Lite article, "Government, marriage need a divorce"; Newspaper advertisement in opposition to same-sex marriage SKS12B6:35 April 27, 1996
Research - Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Crime Problems: The Honolulu Advertiser and Star-Bulletin articles relating to reducing crime in Hawaii, school board concerns, gaming authorities/casinos, taxation, revocation of probation, war on violence, prison inmates and lack of space, crime and technology, mental treatment, Habilitat, varying sentences, Grand Juries, Ariyoshi and Fasi; LawScope article, "Crime's a problem. But where place the blame?"; Leaa newsletter, Vol. 7, No. 7, "Hearings Open On New Anti-Crime Bill"; U.S. Department of Justice, Law Enforcement Assistance Administration article abstract and purchasing information, "Quandary in Correction - History Repeats Itself" by K. Menninger SKS12B6:36 1978
Research - Miscellaneous Hawaiian Right to Sue: MidWeek issue, "Attorney Mililani Trask, The Growing Frustration Over Hawaiian Homelands"; Photocopy of the Honolulu Advertiser article, "Group seeks independent nation here"; Star-Bulletin article, "Why Hawaiians want right to sue state" SKS12B6:37 1985-1988
Research - Miscellaneous Danny Kaleikini: San Francisco Examiner article, "Aloha to you, Detroit"; Star-Bulletin article, "Preserving aloha spirit is Kaleikini's goal" SKS12B6:38 1986-1991
Research - Miscellaneous Mele Kalikimaka History: The Honolulu Advertiser article, "Merry Christmas, How it became 'Mele Kalikimaka' in Hawaii" SKS12B6:39 December 24, 1983
Research - Miscellaneous Ewa Plantation Company: Supreme Court of the District of Columbia Reports, New Series Permanent Edition. Ewa Plantation Company, et al. v. Henry A. Wallace, Secretary of the Department of Agriculture, Equity No. 57587. OPINION SKS12B6:40 1933-1934
Research - Miscellaneous Mission House Honolulu, 1831 informational brochure SKS12B6:41 n/a
Research - Miscellaneous State Flowers: Joint Resolution No. 1 (H.J.R. No. 2), Making the Flower Known as the Pua Aloalo (Hibiscus) as the Flower Emblem of the Territory of Hawaii SKS12B6:42 May 2, 1923
Research - Miscellaneous The Hawaiian Businessman's Association Membership List and Brochure; The Hawaiian Businessmen's Association correspondence from Patrick M. Sheather to Aikane regarding the establishment of the organization; Honolulu Advertiser and Star-Bulletin articles, "Governors back cutback in funds - if evenly felt"; "Goodbye to Chun Hoon's"; "Rich Enough to Be a Cheapskate?"; Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce award banquet brochure; Saint Andrew's Cathedral brochure and program list; The Roach Bowl FIrst Annual Andy Bumatai Hawaiian Cockroach Racing Classic brochure SKS12B6:43 1974-1982
Research - Miscellaneous Honolulu Book Shops, Catalogue of Hawaiiana SKS12B6:44 n/a
Research - Miscellaneous Hui Hanai letter correspondence from Laura L. Thompson to Herman Lum regarding improvement of the education of the children of Hawaii and Kamehameha Schools; Gladys Kamakakuokalani Ainoa Brandt Curriculum Vitae SKS12B6:45 August 23, 1983
Research - Miscellaneous The Judiciary Of Hawaii SKS12B6:46 December 2, 1957
Research - Miscellaneous Hawai‘i Bicentennial: Letter correspondence from University of Hawaii at Manoa Journalism Program, Robert L. Scott to Samuel P. King regarding articles on the imposition and subsequent discrediting of martial law in Hawai'i; Letter correspondence from The Honolulu Advertiser, Thurston Twigg-Smith to Samuel P. King regarding a manuscript for the Encyclopedia of Hawaii; Hawaii Bicentennial Commission; Encyclopedia of Hawaii, "Family Court"; THe Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii, "Hawaii: 1776-1976 The Bicentennial Years, A Pictorial Journey Through 200 Colorful Years of Hawaiian History"; Memo to all contributors to the Hawaii Encyclopedia from Robert L. Scott regarding a roster of contributors; "Some Notes on Citation, Reference, Bibliography and organization of the Encyclopedia of Hawaii"; "Manuscript form, A Guide for the Encyclopedia of Hawai'i"; Hawaii Bicentennial Commission letter correspondence between Robert L. Scott, J. Garner Anthony and Samuel P. King regarding the encyclopedia project; Hawaii Bicentennial Commission letter correspondence from Robert L. Scott to Michael Keller regarding the prisons and prison systems article for the encyclopedia; "Policy and Procedure for an Encyclopedia of Hawaii"; Handwritten notes regarding the Kapua System, Evolution of the Hawai'i Legal Code, Statehood for Hawai'i, Martial Law, The Massie Case - Legal Consequences, Land, Water, Rights of the People, Hawai'i Homes Act, Taxation, Social Law, Personalities - History of Courts, and Communism in Hawai'i; Letter from Samuel P. King to Professor David E. Stannard regarding his rendition of "Massie Case"; Handwritten notes and outline for the Encyclopedia of Hawaii; Draft article regarding "Government Finances"; Hawaii Bicentennial Commission letter correspondence from Robert L. Scott to Masata Doi, William S. Richardson, Masaji Marumoto, Jon J. Chinen, Clinton R. Ashford, Betty M. Vitousek, and John F. O'Shea regarding articles for the Hawaii Encyclopedia; Memo from Robert L. Scott to All Contributors, Encyclopedia of Hawai'i regarding Publication by University Press, Metric Measurement, and Authorship; Biography of contributors; Honolulu Star-Bulletin article, "Hawaii Encyclopedia Taps Many Experts" SKS12B6:47 1975-2005
Research - Miscellaneous "Integration Through Statehood: Hawaii" by Norman Meller, Emeritus Professor of Political Science, University of Hawaii SKS12B6:48 n/a
Research - Miscellaneous Captain Cook: Photocopy of the Journal of Pacific Studies article, Vol. 98, "Captain Cook at Hawaii" by Marshall Sahlins SKS12B6:49 1989
Research - Miscellaneous Photocopy of the American Journal of Legal History, "Law and Culture in the District Court of Honolulu, 1844-1845: A Case Study of the Rise of Legal Consciousness" by Mari J. Matsuda SKS12B6:50 1988
Research - Miscellaneous HSBA and Hawaiian Sovereignty Issues: National Endowment for the Humanities mail correspondence to Samuel P. King regarding receipt of evaluation; Office of the Administrative Director of the Courts letter correspondence from Jane L. Silverman to Samuel P. King regarding enclosed letter to Judge Peckham and preservation of Hawaii's federal court records; Letter correspondence from Jane L. Silverman to Robert F. Peckham regarding the planned disposal of many of Hawaii's Territorial court records; Letter correspondence from Jane L. Silverman to Samuel P King regarding an enclosed copy of the semiannual report on the general research grant project, "The Social Role of the Courts in the Hawaiian Monarchy"; "Law Cases, Parties to the Case"; "Criminal Cases"; "Judges' and Lawyers' Biography Form"; Letter correspondence from Jane L. Silverman to Samuel P. King regarding the research project on "The Social Role of the Courts in the Hawaiian Monarchy"; NEH Division of Research Grants, "Statement of Policy and Procedures Regarding Individual Reviews of Proposals"; Thank You card from Jane Silverman to Samuel P. King regarding comments on the grant proposal; A Pictorial Glimpse of Bench & Bar in the Hawaiian Monarchy by Jane L Silverman, The Judiciary, State of Hawaii; Reviewer Rating Sheet, Division of Research Grants, project description; Research Grant Application Face Sheet, Summary Sheet, Project Budget information, etc.; The Judiciary, State of Hawaii booklet; Invitation for a presentation on the Judiciary's historical research project, "The Social Role . of the Courts in the Hawaiian Monarchy" SKS12B6:51 1979-1981
Research - Miscellaneous Hastings Law Journal, Volume 32, Number 4; United States District Court for the Northern District of California Historical Society letter correspondence from William L. Whittaker regarding an article in the Hastings Law Journal; Photocopy of the Hawaiian Reports, Volume 11 article, "Reports of Decisions Rendered by the Supreme Court of the Hawaiian Islands: Law, Civil and Criminal, Equity, Admiralty, Probate and Divorce"; Photocopy of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin article, "Judge Walter F. Frear Dies; Services This Sunday at 4"; Handwritten notes regarding Central Union Church, National Guard of Hawaii SKS12B6:52 1948-1983
Research - Miscellaneous The true meaning of A.L.O.H.A. flyer SKS12B6:53 n/a
Research - Miscellaneous Patient Self Determination Act: Letter correspondence from "Trish" to Judge King regarding the eclosed Patient Self-Determination Act of 1990 and legislative history; Honolulu Star-Bulletin article, "Patients now must be told of right to end treatment" SKS12B6:54 1990-1991
Research - Miscellaneous Cases and articles on war crimes and criminal law: The National Lawyers Guild Practitioner, Volume 25, Number 3; Information regarding "conspiracies"; In the Supreme Court of the State of Hawaii, State of Hawaii v. Rodney J. Marley, John Joseph Witeck, et al., No. 5234. CR. NO. 42442 & CR. NO. 42443 Appeal from the Verdict, Answering Brief of State of Hawaii & Appellant's Opening Brief; Letter correspondence from Michael Weight to Chief Justice Richardson regarding Supreme Court No. 5234, State of Hawaii v. Rodney J. Marley, et al.; Photocopy of the Harvard Law Review article, "Ignorance and Mistake in the Criminal Law," by Edwin R. Keedy; Photocopy of the Harvard Law Review note on Criminal Conspiracy; Photocopy of the University of Pennsylvania Law Review article, "Intent in Criminal Conspiracy" by Albert J. Harno; In the United States District Court for the District of Hawaii, United States of America vs. James Vincent Albertini et al. CR. NO. 13,009. Plaintiff's Supplemental Requested Instructions and Defendants' Requested Jury Instructions; "War Crimes and Individual Responsibility, A Legal Memorandum" by Richard A. Falk SKS12B6:55 1908-1971
Research - Miscellaneous The Amistad. United States, Appellants, v. The Libellants and Claimants of the Schooner Amistad, her tackle, apparel, and furniture, together with her cargo, and the Africans mentioned and described in the several libels and claims, Appellees. SKS12B6:56 1841

Judge Samuel P. King Collection Finding Aid