Series 12: Research, Box 5

Subseries Item Folder Number Date
Research - Miscellaneous Research Star-Bulletin newspaper articles, "Immigration Rate Highest in Nation"; "Isle Immigration Rate Leads Nation"; Journal of the College of Education/University of Hawaii article, "Hawaiian Studies Program" by Jack H. Ward SKS12B5:1 March 1975; January 23, 1976
Research - Miscellaneous Research Hawai‘i Bar Journal v. 16-17; "Hawaiian Reparations: Nothing Lost, Nothing Owed" by Patrick W. Hanifin SKS12B5:2 1981-1982
Research - Miscellaneous Research United States Public Law 103-105; article regarding the 100th anniversary of the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom SKS12B5:3 November 23, 1993
Research - Miscellaneous Research House of Representatives Twenty-Second Legislature, State of Hawaii. House Resolution No. 164 reaffirming the value and meaning of aloha in the face of potential military action against iraq SKS12B5:4 2003
Research - Miscellaneous Research Letter correspondence from J. Garner Anthony to Samuel P. King re: Bicentennial committee and enclosed copy of the The Hawaiian Rehabilitation Bill SKS12B5:5 September 8, 1975
Research - Miscellaneous Research The Center for Hawaiian Studies and Pacific Island Studies Lecture Series SKS12B5:6 January 19 -February 7
Research - Miscellaneous Research Ka Lei o Kamakakuokalani Newsletter; University of Hawaii News webpage article, "UH Manoa's Kamakakuokalani Center for Hawaiian Studies and the Office of Hawaiian Affairs Announce Partnership" SKS12B5:7 Spring 2005; November 08, 2002
Research - Miscellaneous Research Correspondences Re: Hawai‘i Studies at UH-Manoa, Alu Like-Open Network Automation Platform Project, Hawaiian Launguage Graduate Studies, and map of the University of Hawaii at Manoa campus SKS12B5:8 February 1975 - January 1988
Research - Miscellaneous Research Proposal for a new Hawaiian Studies Program, College of Arts and Sciences University of Hawaii Manoa Campus SKS12B5:9 September 15, 1978
Research - Miscellaneous Research Hawaiian studies proposal reports/Advisory Committee, Record of Meetings; "Study-Research Scholarships for Hawaiians" by Kenneth P. Emory; The Hawaiian Studies Program Report Papahana Huli Na'auao Hawai'i SKS12B5:10 1975-1976
Research - Miscellaneous Research Abe Pi'ianai'a Aloha Luncheon invitation from Anthony J. Marsella to Samuel King SKS12B5:11 August 25-September 10, 1987
Research - Miscellaneous Research The Honolulu Advertiser and Star-Bulletin articles regarding Hawaiian Home Lands, Department of Land and Natural Resources, Hawaiian Homes Department permits, John A. Burns and the Homes Act, Hawaiian Lands Suit, Farmers Home Administration loans and Alaska land claims SKS12B5:12 1971-1991
Research - Miscellaneous Research Memorandums and letter correspondences regarding Hawaiian Homes Commission study and Act 275/1969, State Legislature SKS12B5:13 July-August 1970
Research - Miscellaneous Research Land auction; Public Auction, Notice of sale of industrial leases on government land, Kaei Hana I, Waiakea, Hilo, Hawaii SKS12B5:14 1970
Research - Miscellaneous Research Federal-State Task Force Recommendation and Responses by Department of Hawaiian Home Lands on Current Progress/Status SKS12B5:15 July 1989
Research - Miscellaneous Research United States Department of the Interior Office of the Secretary letter correspondence between Governor George R. Ariyoshi and Secretary Watt regarding enclosed response of the Secretary of the Interior to the Recommendations of the Federal-State Task Force on the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act; Governor Ariyoshi News Release regarding the release of the state and U.S. Department of the Interior response to the report of the Federal-State Task Force on the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act SKS12B5:16 1983
Research - Miscellaneous Research Agenda of Recommendations for Congress/Federal Government SKS12B5:17 n/a
Research - Miscellaneous Research Hawaiian homelands resolution, "To provide for the resolution of certain claims arising out of the administration by the United States and the State of Hawaii of the Hawaiian Home Lands ("Federal Right-to-Sue Act") SKS12B5:18 February 7, 1992
Research - Miscellaneous Research Hawai‘i Advance Legislative Service: 2nd and 5th Document of Level 1 printed in full format, The Senate, Fifteenth and Sixteenth Legislature, Act 314 Senate Bill No. 1434 and Act 349 Senate Bill No. 3236 SKS12B5:19 1990-1991
Research - Miscellaneous Research House of Representatives Tenth Legislature, State of Hawaii. H.B. No. 890 A Bill for an Act Relating to an Office on Hawaiian Affairs SKS12B5:20 1979
Research - Miscellaneous Research In the United States District Court for the District of Hawaii, John Carroll vs. James Nakatani. Civil No. CV00-00641. Complaint for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief; Summons SKS12B5:21 October 02, 2000
Research - Miscellaneous Research Senate Journal- Standing Committee Reports SKS12B5:22 n/a
Research - Miscellaneous Research Native Hawaiian Recognition and Restoration Act, "To authorize the reorganization of a Native Hawaiian Government and reestablish a federal relationship based on the unique status of the Native Hawaiian people to the United States (2 copies) SKS12B5:23 February 7, 1992
Research - Miscellaneous Research Hawaiian Independence Blog- "Federal Recognition" webpage SKS12B5:24 June 25, 2005
Research - Miscellaneous Research Memorandum to the honorable members of the United States Congress regarding opposition to the Akaka Bill (S. 899, H.R. 4904); Notes on the Akaka Bill and sovereignty SKS12B5:25 September 21, 2000
Research - Miscellaneous Research Akaka Bill, Report summary. 109th Congress, 1st Session, Senate. Calendar No. 101, Report 109-68: "Expressing the policy of the United States regarding the United States relationship with Native Hawaiians and to provide a process for the recognition by the United States of the Native Hawaiian governing entity" SKS12B5:26 May 16, 2006
Research - Miscellaneous Research "The Great Pahele: The Final Agony of the Hawaiian People" handwritten draft SKS12B5:27 n/a
Research - Miscellaneous Research Agencies whose acts affect the status of real property and real property ownership in the Territory of Hawai‘i SKS12B5:28 n/a
Research - Miscellaneous Research "Original Registration of Land Titles in the State of Hawai‘i," Compiled by Patrick H. Mulholland, former registrar of the Land Court of the State of Hawaii SKS12B5:29 n/a
Research - Miscellaneous Research The Honolulu Star-Bulletin and Advertiser articles regarding Molokini island: "Maui's Molokini - One Small Island"; "Small Isle Site of Big Dispute"; "Small Island Causes a Big Controversy" SKS12B5:30 December 17-20, 1984
Research - Miscellaneous Research The Honolulu Advertiser Article regarding immersion school: "Grads grew up with Hawaiian, First immersion class gets diplomas" SKS12B5:31 May 27, 2001
Research - Miscellaneous Research Summary/Outline of Ni'ihau including movement patterns to and from Ni'ihau; "The Impacts of Ni'ihau Diaspora on the Broader Hawaiian Community" SKS12B5:32 n/a
Research - Miscellaneous Research the Honolulu Advertsier article regarding immersion schools, "DOE wants to boost Hawaiian Immersion"; The New York Times article, "Major Effort is Under Way to Revive and Preserve Hawaii's Native Tongue" SKS12B5:33 November 7, 2005; April 15, 2007
Research - Miscellaneous Research "Capturing the Ka'ai" article SKS12B5:34 November 1994
Research - Miscellaneous Research Kamehameha Schools / Bernice Pauahi Bishop Estate correspondence to Friends of Kamehameha regarding ways to improve educational services through an enclosed survey SKS12B5:35 November 1980
Research - Miscellaneous Research In the United States District Court for the District of Hawaii, Pai 'ohana vs. United States of America and Bryan Harry. CV. No. 94-00094 DAE. Order Granting Defendants' Motion for Summary Judgement and Denying Plaintiff's Motion to Certify SKS12B5:36 January 17, 1993
Research - Miscellaneous Research Pauline King article, "Hawaiians in the United States Native Hawaiian and/or Native American" SKS12B5:37 April 1997
Research - Miscellaneous Research Pacific Studies Journal, Volume 17, Number 2 SKS12B5:38 June 1994
Research - Miscellaneous Research The South Pacific Commission Celebrates Its Fortieth Anniversary; La Commision Du Pacifique Sud SKS12B5:39 1975-1987
Research - Miscellaneous Research Letter correspondence from Lynette Furuhashi to Lori Kuribayashi regarding enclosed booklets, "The South Pacific Commission: History, Aims and Activities" (9th edition) SKS12B5:40 March 1, 1989
Research - Miscellaneous Research Pacific Island Yearbook, Fifteenth Edition; Twenty-Seventh Conference Annual Report; South Pacific Commission Senate Report No. 361; Pacific Impact, Quarterly review of the South Pacific Commission, Volume 1, No. 1; Press Release regarding Honourable Afioga Pulefa'asisina P.M. Tuiasosopo resigns from post of SPC secretary-general; Press Release regarding the Twenty-Eighth South Pacific Conference meets in Rarotonga; South Pacific Commission, Secretary-General's Review of the South Pacific Commission; Director's Annual Report, South Pacific Bureau for Economic Co-Operation SPEC(88)15 SKS12B5:41 1983-1988
Research - Miscellaneous Research Na Mea Kahiko Hawaiian Historical Society newsletters, Numbers 22- 113 SKS12B5:42 1979-2002
Research - Miscellaneous Research Na Mea Kahiko- Hawaiian Historical Society newsletters, Numbers 114-141 SKS12B5:43 2003-2010
Research - Miscellaneous Research Hui Na'auao Historical Calendar SKS12B5:44 1992
Research - Miscellaneous Research Hale Mohalu Calendar SKS12B5:45 1982
Research - Miscellaneous Research Revised Laws of Hawai‘i (1905-1968); Letter correspondence from L. Fullard-Leo and Ellen Fullard-Leo to Samuel Wilder King regarding Kingman's Reef; "A View from the Bench" by Samuel P. King; Samuel P. King, list of credentials,accomplishments and awards; Photocopy of the Hawaii Bar Journal, "Hawaiian Sovereignty"; Travel Voucher for Justices and Judges of the United States; Email correspondence between May Borthwick, Jean Scripps, Stan Morketter, etc. regarding "Democracy/How Long Do We Have?"; "Broken Trust: Greed, Mismanagement & Political Manipulation at America's Largest Charitable Trust" by Samuel P. King and Randall W. Roth, quotes about the book; Honolulu Star-Bulletin webpage article, "Family legal fight stretches to Panama, The battle concers the matriarch of Hawaii's oldest law firm"; Chinese calendar, descriptions of the Chinese Zodiacs; Letter correspondence from Edward Kemper to Peter Aduja, Martin Anderson, Moon Chan, etc. regarding "Territorial Lawyers for the Hawaii Bar Journal"; "The Four Kings at Yosemite" postcard/photo SKS12B5:46 1905-1968
Research - Miscellaneous Research Decisions of the Supreme Court of Hawaii in Re Waters and Watercourses SKS12B5:47 1870-1932
Research - Miscellaneous Research Indenture of Lease, The Palmyra Islands (Lessor) and Polynesian Paradise (Lessee) covering The Palmyra Islands for a term of 80 years SKS12B5:48 January 1, 1962
Research - Miscellaneous Research Photocopies of the Honolulu Advertiser articles, "Hawaiians mark the centennial of royalist uprising"; "Hawaiians begin commemorations" SKS12B5:49 n/a
Research - Miscellaneous Research The Honolulu Advertiser and Star-Bulletin articles regarding land reform ruling and trials, 9th Circuit blockage of lease conversions and Kamiloiki trial SKS12B5:50 1983
Research - Miscellaneous Research Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation, The Duke's 100th Birthday invitation SKS12B5:51 July 16, 1990
Research - Miscellaneous Research Letter correspondence from Moana and Iolani Keaulani to Scott Leckie regarding forced Waimanalo evictions; Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions, U.N. Resolution on forced evictions information; Department of the Navy letter correspondence from J.M. Kilian to Raymond I. Kamaka regarding "90-day notice to vacate, military construction project p-106, Waikane Valley Land Purchase, Waikane, Oahu SKS12B5:52 1993
Research - Miscellaneous Research The Sunday Star-Bulletin & Advertiser articles, "U.S. taking of vast Crown Lands called shameful, highway robbery"; "Making A Million In Hawaii"; "A Chinese Tycoon Savors The Last Laugh"; "For Hawaiians, it's a 'Decade of Decision,' Anniversaries of shameful events produce hopeful deadlines"; "Big Island roadside protesters declare Hawaiian 'sovereignty'"; "Protesters lay claim to Sea Life Park"; "Last in War, Peace and the Supreme Court"; "Sovereignty: 'It Will Happen'"; Ka Lahui Hawai'i Newsletter; Magazine interview regarding George Kanahele; The New Yorker article, "A Reporter at Large, Islands of Disenchantment"; Straub Clinic & Hospital Patient Information Bulletin, No. 1; Malama Kaka'ako Newsletter, Volume 2, Number 1; The Garden Club of America Newsletter, Volume 81, Number 8; 'Ulale, The Friends of Moku'ula Newsletter, Vol.I No.1; Historic Hawaii Newsletter; Photocopy of the Honolulu Advertiser article, "Sovereignty: Hawaiians must decide its form, limitations"; Fax correspondence from Thomas Mui to Samuel P. King regarding travel plans and expenses; Kahanahou Hawaiian Foundation correspondence to Hawaiiana supporters regarding teaching hawaiiana for the generations SKS12B5:53 1982-1993
Research - Miscellaneous Research The Honolulu Advertiser and Star-Bulletin articles regarding historic Hawaii, Hawaiian election guidelines, Bishop Estate concerns, Hawaiian Renaissance, plantation worker strike, Kama'aina, Palaka power; Preliminary Draft Report, Federal-State Task Force on the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act; Historic Hawaiia News, Vol. IV, No. 9; The Native Hawaiian, Volume II, No. 5 SKS12B5:54 1978-1983
Research - Miscellaneous Research Guest speaker: Pauline King, "Is it Possible to Write Biographies of 19th Century Native Hawaiians?" SKS12B5:55 1997
Research - Miscellaneous Research The Friends of I'olani Palace, Old Archives infromation SKS12B5:56 n/a
Research - Miscellaneous Research Mahele Kau Wela Hawaiian Studies Program brochure; University of Hawaii at Manoa invitation from Duward Long, Chancellor, to Samuel P. King to celebrate the inauguration of the Hawaiian Studies Program; Flyer for the Ho'oponopono Workshop of Hawaiian Geneaology; Ethnic Stuides for Hawaiian People, informational flyer SKS12B5:57 1977-1986
Research - Miscellaneous Research Polynesian Voyaging Society webpage regarding the history of Hokule'a; The Other Hawai'i webpage regarding the Hokule'a journey; Foster Travel webpage regarding "The First Hawaiians: Discovering the Canoe Hokulea" SKS12B5:58 1973-1998
Research - Miscellaneous Research Star-Bulletin issue regarding "The First Voyage" SKS12B5:58.1 July 7, 2006
Research - Miscellaneous Research Guest speaker: Thomas K. Kaulukukui, Sr.: Letter correspondence between Thomas K. Kaulukukui and Samuel King regarding an enclosed copy of the address for the Social Science Association and "The Decade of Decision" by Trustee Thomas K. Kaulukukui, Sr., Office of Hawaiian Affairs SKS12B5:59 May 21-24, 1991
Research - Miscellaneous Research Naming of H-3 Freeway Correspondence from E. Alvey Wright to Mayor Jeremy Harris regarding "Naming H-3 After Hawaiian Chantress Namakahelu" (60.1); Remarks before Hawaiian Historical Society, Bishop Museum, "H-3 and Hawaiian Chantress Namakehelu" by E. Alvey Wright (60.2); Comics and drawings regarding E. Alvey Wright and the H-3 highway by Corky (60.3); Statement on The Historical Significance of Moanalua, Submitted by Moanalua Foundation (60.4) SKS12B5:60.1-60.4 February-March, 1998; March 24, 1973
Research - Miscellaneous Research William S. Richardson: The Honolulu Advertiser & Star-Bulletin articles regarding Governor Ariyoshi selecting Acoba as First Circuit judge, Democrats in judgeships, demagoguery, high court rulings on water, land, Kaimuki and Waikiki SKS12B5:61 1980
Research - Miscellaneous Research Judicial memorandums regarding United States District Court Local Rules Committee, District of Hawaii Mini-Conference, Hawaii Federal Judicial Conference, S.948 Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Reorganization Act, Judicial Conference for the District of Hawaii, SKS12B5:62 1985-1989
Research - Miscellaneous Research Historic Hawai‘i Foundation, Ali' iolani Hale: The restoration of Ali'iolani Hale newletter; A Pictorial Glimpse of Bench & Bar In the Hawaiian Monarchy by Jane L. Silverman booklet; Letter correspondence from Charles Dole to Samuel King regarding the Dole homestead in Wahiawa; Photocopy of The Honolulu Star-Bulletin article, "A New Life Sought for Dole House"; Hawaii Kai/East Oahu Sun Press article, "Ka Iwi shoreline"; Letter correspondence from William S. Richardson to Samuel P. King regarding the development of a Judiciary museum to exhibit the history of the courts in the Monarchy period SKS12B5:63 1979-1991
Research - Miscellaneous Research Hawaiian Civic Political Action Committee: Letter correspondence from the Hawaiian Civic Political Action Committee regarding the nomination papers for the 1989 Lei Hulu Mamo Outstanding Hawaiian Politician Award SKS12B5:64 June 5, 1989
Research - Miscellaneous Research The Honolulu Advertiser articles regarding, "Mookini Luakini: easing the kapu for today's needs"; "Lono Hawaiian rites attract 200 at base" SKS12B5:65 October 12, 1980; May 4, 1982
Research - Miscellaneous Research Basic Hawaiiana Library, Native Books Catalog newsletter SKS12B5:66  
Research - Miscellaneous Research The Hawaiian Flag by Victor S. K. Houston SKS12B5:67 June 1998
Research - Miscellaneous Research Constitution of the Republic of Hawaiʻi SKS12B5:68 1894
Research - Miscellaneous Research Hoike o na Waiwai i Hookomo ia mai, Ma Honolulu no ka Makahiki 1874, Na Waiwai E Uku ana i ke dute (Report of Imports, at Honolulu for the Year 1874, Duties Payable) SKS12B5:69 1874
Research - Miscellaneous Research Honolulu Advertiser Special Edition on the "Overthrow: a day-by-day account of the overthrow of Hawaii's monarchy 100 years ago." SKS12B5:70 Nov. 19, 1992

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