1951: Atmosphere of Victory Pervades Pine Island

Atmosphere of Victory Pervades Pine Island; Workers Tell of Gain Won in Face of Dollar Strength & Pine Workers Get 7 Cent Hike; Lanai Tieup Ends

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Feb. 27 - Sept. 14, 1951 was the second longest strike (201 days) in Hawaiʻi on Lānaʻi. Led by ILWU business agent Pedro de la Cruz, 800 pineapple workers struck at the world's largest pineapple plantation run by Hawaiian Pineapple Co. (Dole). They gained a 15 cent wage increase for themselves (3 cents more than they asked for) and a seven-cent an hour increase at 7 companies for 9,000 workers industry-wide.  In addition, they gained union recognition, union shop, and job seniority. Read more