Jon Van Dyke Articles

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Item Notes Date 15.6.7 Folder Number
Ocean Development & International Law Journal: "An Analysis of the Aegean Disputes under International Law"   2005 1
Updating International Nuclear Law: Papers Derived from the Conference on the Human Right to a Safe and Healthful Environment and the Responsibilities Under International Law of Operators of Nuclear Facilities, held in Salzburg, Austria, October 20-23, 2005. "Liability and Compensation for Harm Caused by Nuclear Activities."   October 20-23, 2005 2
Strategic Analysis: "Navigational Freedoms in a Time of Insecurity" Post it on page 1: "To: Dean Soufer Ari-Here is my latest publication. Best wishers, Jon" Also, all copies missing page 378 March 2007 3
Marine Policy: "The disappearing right to navigational freedom in the exclusive economic zone"   2005 4
Marine Policy: "Military Ships and planes operating in the exclusive economic zone of another country"   2004 5
Philippine Law Journal: "The Fundamental Right of the Marcos Human Rights Victims to Compensation"   December 2001 6
Chinese Journal of International Law: "Reconciliation between Korea and Japan"   2/28/2006 7
RECIEL: "Recent Developments in the International Law Governing Shipments of Nuclear Materials and Wastes and their Implications for SIDS"   2005 8
Bringing New Law to Ocean Waters: "The Evolution and International Acceptance of the Precautionary Principle"   2004 9
Issues and Prospects: "U.S. Accession to the Law of the Sea Convention"   2008 10
Ocean and Coastal Law and Policy: "The 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea"   2008 11
Hawaii Bar Journal: "An Introduction to the Rights of the Native Hawaiian People"   July 2006 12
University of Hawai'i Law Review: "Hawai'is Sunshine Law Compliance Criteria" printout and in Law Review volume 26 #1 Winter 2003 Winter 2003 13
Ocean Yearbook: "Whales, Submarines, and Active Sonar"   2004 14
Freedom of the Seas: A Contemporary Outlook. "Air, Land, and Sea: A Comparative Analysis"   2008 15
Should American Pay? Slavery and Raging Debate on Reparations. "Reparations for the Descendants of American Slaves Under International Law."   2003 16
Korean Journal of International and Comparative Law Vol. 4 No. 1 (2016)   2016 17
Law of the Sea, Environmental Law and Settlement of Disputes: "Allocating Fish Across Jurisdictions"   2007 18
Chapman Law Review: "Promoting Accountability for Human Rights Abuses"   Spring 2005 19
Giving Teeth to the Environmental Obligations in the LOS Convention   2004 20
San Diego International Law Journal: "Regionalism, Fisheries, and Environmental Challenges in the Pacific"   Fall 2004 21
Ocean Development & International Law: "Legal Issues Related to Sovereignty over Dokdo and Its Maritime Boundary"   2007 22
University of Hawai'i Law Review: "The Role of Customary International Law in Federal and State Court Litigation"   Summer 2004 23
University of Hawai'i Law Review: "Tribute to Dr. Kaoru Kashiwagi" JVD article: "Population, Voting, and Citizenship in the Kingdom of Hawai'i" (chapter in Who Owns the Crown Lands? book by JVD) not included only has the tribute to Dr. Kaoru Kashiwagi Winter 2005 24
Ocean & Coastal Management: "The Rio Principles and our responsibilities of ocean stewardship"   1996 25
Yale Law and Policy Review: "The Political Status of the Native Hawaiian People"   1998 26
Ocean and Coastal Management: "The Role of a Constitution for US Oceans"   1992 27
Natural Resources & Environment: "More Bad News for the Whales"   2004 28
Ocean Governance: A New Vision "Substantive Principles for a Constitution for the U.S. Oceans"   1992 29
Ocean Development and International Law: "Sea Shipment of Japanese Plutonium under International Law"   1993 30

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