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1968 Information Booklet on Hawaiiʻs 1968 Constitutional Convention A scrapbook of newspaper articles, presented by the Governor John A. Burns 1968 Constitutional Convention Public Information Committee. Issues discussed regarding centralization of Hawaii's Public Education System, full-time legislature, "one man, one vote" edict, who is qualified to vote, the 1968 Constitution of the State of Hawaii, $60 million limit for taxation, Home Rule, tenure of executive departments, financial aid to private schools, 1968 Convention delegates, and voting precincts.  
  On the eve of Con Con vote... A series of delegate and public opinions. 77
  Rule Change is Proposed A modification to the rules would allow delegates from minority groups to continue debates on the floor without fear of being cut off, requiring a two-thirds majority to end a debate. 73
5/21/1978 Well-known name is
no guarantee to
a seat at Con Con
Election summary/results for those better-known Con Con delegate candidates. 33
7/23/1978 Con Con's timetable Legally, the Con Con has no time limit but the pay period for delegates ends September 21st, four months after it began. 71
5/19/1978 ILWU supports five of its own and 76 others for Con Con seats The ILWU endorsed 81 candidates for the Con Con election. 37
5/21/1978 Clear-cut issue not visible among Con Con winners No primary issue has emerged as the dominant concern amongst delegates for this year's Con Con. 36
5/21/1978 PH: Feeding time Photo of election worker preparing to put the ballots into the counting computer shortly after the polls closed. 30
5/21/1978 Here's the Con Con
election tally
Delegate election tally. 21
5/22/1978 Con Con messages List of three messages written to the newly elected delegates to the Con Con. 39
5/22/1978 Labor does well in
Con Con vote
Half of the candidates endorsed by the labor union won the election for the Con Con. 37
5/21/1978 Meager Con Con voting puts moderate reform on agenda Hawaii's voters were only interested in making a few changes to the Constitution as evidenced by the low voter turnout at the candidate elections. 35
5/21/1978 Moderate reform on tap Covers the election of the convention delegates, specifically a few notable members of the local community. 3
5/21/1978 Neighbor Island delegates: a mixed bag of new and old Covers election results from neighboring islands and the mixture of returning and new delegates. 32
5/21/1978 PH: Peeking Into the Future Two young girls watch their mother cast a ballot in the Con-Con delegate elections. 30
5/21/1978 So, what's in a name?
For some, only defeat.
Discusses the winners and losers in last night's delegate election. 32
5/21/1978 The Vigil of Kathy Miyashiro:
In it to wire then - defeat/Defeated at the wire
Candidate Kathy Miyashiro awaits election results at her Con Con party amongst friends as results come back that she is in third place - a mere 25 votes from being in the winner's circle. 32
5/22/1978 Outlook for Con Con: few changes in store/Con Con forecast: minor waves on the sea of state The public can expect, and does expect, to only see minimal changes being made to the state's Constitution. 36
5/22/1978 Political pros are scarce in '78 Con Con Attorneys, businesspersons, educators, and union members make up a large portion of delegates at this year's convention. There are also far fewer professional politicians amongst the delegates this year than there were at the '68 convention. 33
5/24/1978 Oust Con Con winner,
Doi asked
Losing candidate Clarence Ching alleges that winner from his district, Warner Sutton, was not an actual resident of the district. Ching asked Lt. Gov. Doi to disqualify the delegate. 34
5/28/1978 Some delegates get
Con Con off to an early start
A large contingent of Oahu delegates met at the Ala Moana Hotel days before the official start of the Constitutional Convention in a meeting organized by state senators and delegates Donald Ching and Robert Taira. Meanwhile, a group of the delegates from Maui met with mayor Elmer Cravalho. 8
5/31/1978 Jockeying begins for
Con Con leadership
Some delegates started to plan their ideal convention leadership structure as another group began to consolidate support for their candidate, Waialua Sugar Co. president William Paty. 8
6/1/1978 Con Con names sugar exec interim leader Waialua Sugar Co. president William Paty was elected as the executive interim leader of the Constitutional Convention by a majority of the state's delegates. 9
6/2/1978 Con Con's beginning Sets the tone for the convention, stating the themes need to be openness, independence, and education. 39
6/2/1978 Revising the Constitution Compares/contrasts the conservative and liberal approaches to constitutional revisions. 28
6/3/1978 Con Con chairman 'totally absorbed' with preparations Convention chairman William Paty picked the old federal building as the site for the convention as one of his first official acts as chairman while Paty also gears up to announce his committee appointments. 10
6/9/1978 Con Con panel OKs
open vote for leader
The temporary rules committee for the convention met on June 8th and chose to adopt an open vote policy rather than have delegates vote by ballot for election positions. 10
6/10/1978 Paty admits some
delegate disaffection
Convention chairman William Paty, when speaking to the Honolulu Rotary Club, admitted that a small faction of delegates from the Independent party were upset by the majority faction's control over pre-convention organizing. 10
6/13/1978 Rules for Con Con
OK'd by committee
The temporary rules committee for the convention met and approved guidelines for running the convention by an 18-5 vote. 72
6/16/1978 Delegates to air rules
of Con Con
The guidelines recommended by the temporary rules committee are expected to be accepted by the delegates' caucus during today's Con Con session. 72
6/17/1978 Open election rejected for officers of Con Con At the convention delegate caucus on June 16th, delegates adopted the rules of the convention after rejecting the proposed rule of open election of convention officers. 10
6/24/1978 A Con Con VP quits under fire in bitter battle Michael Liu resigns after bitter fights ensued over his contested election. Liu was tied with his competition, Masako Ledward - the pick of the majority coalition. 6
6/27/1978 Independents rap
Con Con selections
Covers the Independent party delegates' dissatisfaction with Chairman Paty's committee assignments when they were not assignd to head any of the 16 committees. 6
6/28/1978 Con Con won't rock boat, irate independents predict Independent party delegates predict that the proposals that could shake up and make big changes to Hawaii's political system will not get much air time as Independent delegates prepare for what they believe will be a maintenance of the status quo. 11
6/30/1978 Con Con appointments
An Op-Ed written by delegate H. William Burgess detailing his dissapointment in chairman William Paty's committee appointments, namely, that no delegates from the Independent party were appointed to leadership positions. 11
6/30/1978 Con Con panel backs
Sutton in seat battle
Warner Sutton, whose qualifications are being disputed by losing candidate Clarence Ching, was backed by the convention credential's committee. 34
6/30/1978 Delegate assignments to committees made   23
6/30/1978 Minority faction challenging Paty for Con Con job Independent delegates plan on challenging Chairman William Paty for Convention President with their own presidential candidate to demonstrate their anger against Paty's committee appointments 7
7/1/1978 Big Isle delegate
raps leadership
A delegate from Hilo predicts that the convention is headed for disaster in light of the "undemocratic leadership" by the temporary convention officers. 11
7/2/1978 A call to convene - or to battle?/Con Con conch shell - a signal for squabbling? The Constitutional Convention is set to officially open with a blow from a conch shell in honor of the Hawaiian tradition signaling the coming of a noteworthy event - or, as the article posits, it might be a call to arms for the two adversarial delegate groups of "reformers" and "stand-patters." 11
7/2/1978 Con Con's top issue As the first day of the convention gets closer, delegates and the general public question how open the discussion will be on all of the key proposals and express their concern that fairness, the top issue of the convention in light of the committee appointments, will be overlooked. 12
7/2/1978 Issues/Mechanics/
Look back at the past, present, and future of the constitutional convention and constitution. 27
7/5/1978 Yes, yes -
it's the Con Con today
Documents the opening day of the convention - the concerns of the delegates, the overall sentiment of not wanting to provoke major change in the Constitution, and briefly discusses the issues of state spending and the environment that are on the docket for the convention. 2
7/6/1978 Con Con's beginning   12
7/6/1978 Con Con opens with fragile aloha/Con Con gets warmed up - and warned on discord Article talks about how the opening ceremonies of the convention were warm and festive but noticeably lacking harmony as many delegates expressed apprehension regarding a predicted lack of cohesion and unity amongst the delegates in the days to come. 3
7/6/1978 Paty defeats bid by minority bloc
to remove him
Discusses the attempt of a small bloc of Independent delegates to remove (at the time) temporary chairman of the convention, William Paty, and their nomination of Walter Cabral. The attempt ultimately failed and Paty was voted in as the permanent chairman of the convention. 5
7/7/1978 Proposed amendment
for election of regents
Article discussing proposal for election rather than appointment of University of Hawaii Board of Regents. 18
7/8/1978 Con Con proposals
would back plan
for limited growth
Article discussing proposal supporting Gov. Ariyoshi's growth control program that places limits on government spending. 18
7/12/1978 $2.2 million Con Con budget wins near-unanimous approval The $2.2 million budget appropriated by the legislature wins approval amongst delegates. 40
7/12/1978 Schedule/summary   78
7/13/1978 Schedule/summary   78
7/14/1978 Schedule/summary   78
7/14/1978 Con Con has to
face ballot-writing deadline
Delegates were notified that their suggested amendments must be prepared by Sept. 20th if the proposals are to make it onto the Nov. ballot for public vote. 40
7/14/1978 Con Con needs
all of us
Article calls for continued citizen participation in the process of the Con Con. 74
7/17/1978 Schedule/summary   78
7/18/1978 Con Con to vote today on $2.2 million budget Delegates expected to vote in a measure providing a budget of $2.2 million. 40
7/18/1978 Schedule/summary   78
7/19/1978 $2.2 million for Con Con; Paty gets budget authority The Con Con delegates adopted a $2.2 million operating budget at yesterday's session. 40
7/19/1978 Convention monitors Citizens Con Con Monitor has highlighted five issues which it will focus on getting placed on the ballot in November: initiative and referendum, limits on state spending, open primary, non-partisan AG, and merit selection of judges. 74
7/19/1978 Schedule/summary   78
7/20/1978 Con Con extends proposal cutoff,
but can't get convention extended
Delegates self-imposed a July 31st cutoff deadline for introducing new proposals, giving themselves a seven-week timetable to decide which proposals will be placed on the general election ballot for voters to ratify. 71 (jumps from 40 to 71)
7/20/1978 Schedule/summary   78
7/21/1978 Schedule/summary   79
7/24/1978 Schedule/summary   79
7/25/1978 Schedule/summary   79
7/26/1978 Schedule/summary   79
7/27/1978 Schedule/summary   79
7/28/1978 Schedule/summary   79
7/28/1978 Poll: public should
guide delegates
Poll shows that Hawaii believes that delegates should be guided by public opinion rather than their own conscience/beliefs.  
7/31/1978 Schedule/summary   79
8/1/1978 Time waits for no
Con Con:
'78 session behind
'68 pace/Con Con
trails '68 pace
Compared to the '68 Con-Con, the '78 session is behind schedule because of the amount of proposals inundating the delegates. 19
8/2/1978 The chief concern is the Con Con Series of delegate opinions about their concerns surrounding the Con Con. 76
8/2/1978 Schedule/summary   80
8/3/1978 PH: Trash can proposal Trash can with a sign that reads: "Committee on superfluous proposals - IN." 14
8/3/1978 Schedule/summary   80
8/4/1978 Delegate wants Isle to join in call for national Con Con Delegate Laura Ching wants Hawaii to join in with other states calling for a national Con Con. 75
8/4/1978 Schedule/summary   80
8/6/1978 Newsmen challenge mandated ethics code as unconstitutional A proposed government sanctioned code of ethics on Hawaii's newsmen was described as unconstitutional. 85
8/7/1978 Schedule/summary   80
8/8/1978 Advertiser says photo not 'biased' Con Con delegate Gerald Hagino critized the Advertiser for running a photo of delegate John Waihee that he called degrading because he argued it reinforced negative Hawaiian steterotypes. 85
8/8/1978 Schedule/summary   80
8/10/1978 Our delegate-candidates A number (nearly a third) of Con Con delegates have failed as candidates in the state's regular elections. 34
8/10/1978 Schedule/summary   80
8/11/1978 Schedule/summary   81
8/12/1978 Schedule/summary   81
8/14/1978 Con Con group meets in caucus Part of the majority coalition met in a closed caucus to discuss concerns about convention procedure and scheduling. 13
8/14/1978 Schedule/summary   81
8/15/1978 Schedule/summary   81
8/16/1978 Dissident delegates meet to 'lecture'
leader Paty
Delegates upset because they are claiming Convention President Paty not maintaining neutrality. The angry delegates met with Paty in a closed sssion in response to Paty's attendance at a closed caucus with the majority party held that previous Sunday. 13
8/16/2016 PH: Con consequence The long and wearying hours of the convention can be seen on delegate Wallace Weatherwax and delegate Warner Sutton's faces. 14
8/16/1978 Delegate could face residency challenge Convention secretary Haunani Ching, who listed a Kapahulu address as her official home, might be open to challenge because the house was actually rented out to tenants. Ching claims it was an ignorant mistake and that she has done nothing illegal. 34
8/16/1978 Schedule/summary   81
8/16/1978 Shon asks House seat Jim Shon, a Con Con delegate and president of Citizens Against Noise, is campaigning to be elected to a state House seat from District 11. 84
8/17/1978 PH: Window into
federal courtroom
Con-Con judiciary committee members discuss new method for picking state judges. 14
8/17/1978 Schedule/summary   81
8/22/1978 Schedule/summary   81
8/23/1978 Schedule/summary   81
8/24/1978 Con Con proposal
would give minority more debate powers
Part of the rules approved by a Con Con committee give delegates from the minority faction more freedom to debate issues on the convention floor without fear of being cutoff by simple majorities. 73
8/25/1978 Con Con & alienation A survey of public opinion reveals that citizens feel as if they have little say in how things are run in the state. 75
8/25/1978 Schedule/summary   81
8/26/1978 Schedule/summary   81
8/30/1978 Schedule/summary   81
8/31/1978 PC: Finance committee/state debt Political cartoon. Taxation/finance committee building a "shelter" over state debt. 15
8/31/1978 Schedule/summary   81
9/1/1978 PC: Shooting gallery Political cartoon. Delegate taking aim at "initiative," "recall," and "referendum" in a shooting gallery aka the Con-Con. 15
9/1/1978 Schedule/summary   82
9/2/1978 Ariyoshi vows to be mum on Con Con work Gov. Ariyoshi promises not to make his position on the issues of referendum and initiative known. 75
9/2/1978 Schedule/summary   82
9/6/1978 Schedule/summary   82
9/5/1978 Schedule/summary   82
9/6/1978 Legislative unit's work Brief summary/commentary of the changes recommended by the Con Con committee on the Legislature. 84
9/8/1978 The Waikiki race:
some new faces,
same old problems/Waikiki race: issues persist
Documents the legislative race in Waikiki as the November election approaches. 84
9/9/1978 Con Con unit OKs
ballot form making it easier to vote 'yes'
Con Con committee approved a ballot format that makes it easier to vote "yes" than to vote "no" in response to expected anti-Con Con reception at the polls. 82
9/11/1978 Schedule/summary   82
9/12/1978 Con Con's proposals Con Con risks further damaging its image with the proposal of a ballot that would make it easier to vote "yes" than "no." 83
9/12/1978 Panel may review
plan to leave 'no' off Con Con ballot
After criticism of its proposed modification, a Con Con committee will likely reconsider their approval of a ballot format that would make it easier to vote "yes" than to vote "no." 83
9/13/1978 Con Con ballot conference today Elections administrator has asked for an AG's opinion on the legality of a Con Con committee's proposed ballot change that would make it easier to vote "yes" than "no." 83
9/14/1978 Con Con panel
switches signals,
decides to allow
blanket 'no' vote
Reversing their earlier proposal, a Con Con committee unanimously recommended that voters be able to vote a blanket "no." 83
9/14/1978 PC: Con-con >
Major community concerns.
Political cartoon. Con-con in human form sits on top of "major community concerns" in human form and asks, "what are you mad at me for? I haven't done anything." 15
9/19/1978 Con Con settles on
116 proposals/Con Con approves 116 proposals
Con Con delegates have finally decided on 116 proposed Constitutional Amendments. 89
9/20/1978 Con Con gives voters a chance to curtail
costs of government
Given the predictions that no radical reform or changes to the Constitution would be made, this year's Con Con presented a surprising amount of proposed changes. 90
9/20/1978 Con Con's work Evaluates the work accomplished by delegates during the '78 session of the Con Con. 89
9/20/1978 Con Con '78 -
the box score
Graphic. Shows which major Con Con issues passed/failed. 89
9/20/1978 Young Turk emerges
at Con Con/Waihee
Talks about rising star of delegate John Waihee. 86
9/21/1978 SSS for Shon James Shon, candidate for state House seat from the 11th District, to hold a fundraiser. 84
9/22/1978 Con Con Concludes with song, and final
blast from minority
Final days of Con Con. 91
  44 Proposals Placed in Con Con Hopper 44 proposals were placed into the hopper with hundreds more expected to come in over the next several days. 18
5/19/1978 697 Candidates Running Tomorrow, Voters
Will Select 102
On the eve of the delegate elections, the article discusses the upcoming elections. 30
5/19/1978 No. 30 - Preparing
to be a Delegate
Discusses the role delegates play in the convention - published on the day before the elections of delegates took place. 28
5/22/1978 Big Isle Race Had
Few Mavericks
Although Big Island voters had a diverse range of candidates to choose from, voters gravitated towards candidates with more traditional viewpoints. 33
5/22/1978 Con Con Has Been Political Springboard The position of delegate could serve as a political springboard for the newly elected, political newcomers. 32
5/22/1978 Delegate Ihara Is Veteran of First Convention - Expects a Conservative Session Delegate Ihara is the only returning delegate from the very first Con-Con held 28 years prior. 33
5/22/1978 PH: Grateful Winners Newly elected delegates Carol Fukunaga and Masako H. Ledward thank motorists. 31
5/22/1978 HGEA Chief Hopes to Steer Convention David K. Trask, head of the Hawaii Government Employees Association, says he will have an active role in organizing the '78 Con Con. 37
5/22/1978 Jackie Chong is a Windward Winner Con Con delegate Jackie Chong thanks voters after being elected. 31
5/22/1978 Political Heritage
Not a Sure Thing
Although several children of prominent politicians ran for the Con Con, only some of them were elected. 33
5/22/1978 Unions Display Power at Polls/Unions Show Strength in Con Con Vote Helped by the lowest voter turnout in the state's history, labor unions were able to secure several seats in the Con Con election. 37
5/24/1978 Con Con Loser Wants a Winner Disqualified Losing candidate Clarence Ching has contested the qualifications of winner Warner Sutton in the election. 34
5/24/1978 Delegates for Changes
in Spending, Judiciary
While no radical reformation or amendments are predicted, preliminary polls show that delegates are largely in favor of limiting state spending and changing up the judiciary. 16
5/29/1978 ILWU's Views on Constitution Discusses the ILWU's priorities and issues in this year's Con Con. 38
5/31/1978 Paty is Top Contender for Con Con Chairman Waialua Sugar Co. president William Paty the leading contender for the coveted position of Convention Chairman. 8
6/1/1978 Convention Will Be Open, Newly Elected Leader Says Newly elected convention chairman William Paty promises delegates that convention discussions will remain open-minded. 9
6/1/1978 Election of Chairman
for the Con Con
6/1/1978 Paty Voted Con Con's Temporary Chairman After almost four hours of debate, a caucus of convention delegates elected William Paty as temporary chairman of the convention. 9
6/3/1978 Free-swinging Talk No Help to Con Con Tommy Trask, head of the ILWU, made headlines with "free-swinging talk" concerning the Con Con. 38
6/12/1978 Speak Up' Results Shows the results from the polls taken to see what the delegates' main concerns were and priorities were for the convention. 17
6/14/1978 Comments
Concerning Con Con
Public opinion/comments about the Con Con. 76
6/15/1978 Paty Gets Gavel
from 1st Con Con
6/17/1978 Delegates Approve Convention Rules The delegates caucus approved the guidelines for running the convention at yesterday's session. 72
6/17/1978 A Fine Gesture at the Con Con While the open ballot rule was beginning to gain traction, temporary presiding officer William Paty threw his support to the secret election rule, bringing a majority of delegates with him. 10
6/22/1978 Con Con Now Has Sufficient Finances Delegates were able to look at the Con Con budget, apportioned to them by the Legislature. 40
6/27/1978 Committees Formed
for Con Con
6/27/1978 Con Con Committees Set; Independents
Aren't Happy
Delegates from the Independent party were unhappy with the leaders chairman William Paty appointed to the 16 standing committees. The minority group accused the majority faction of representing established powers, voicing their anger over a lack of Independent committee leaders. 6
6/28/1978 Paty Assigns Seats on Con Con Committees William Paty finished assigning delegates to committees amongst much criticism from the minority faction of Independent delegates. 6
6/30/1978 Independents Were
Left Out
Delegates from the Independent party were left angry in the wake of chairman William Paty's committee appointments to which no Independents were appointed to leadership positions. 11
6/30/1978 Paty's Leadership Challenged/
Independents challenge Paty
40 Independent party delegates plan to contest Chairman William Paty's election to permanent president of the convention. 7
7/3/1978 Con Con Delegates: Districts 1-14   22
7/3/1978 Con Con Delegates: Districts 15-27   23
7/3/1978 Few Changes by Con Con
In the opening days of the convention, observers predict few radical changes being made to the constitution. While there is agreement among delegates that some changes must be made, there is no indication that radical reform is on the docket for the summer. 16
7/4/1978 Chants and Music Will Mark the Opening of Con Con The Constitutional Convention is set to officially begin with an opening ceremony that celebrates old Hawaiian culture with chants and music. 12
7/4/1978 Con Con Not
Likely to Stir Tax Revolt
As the Con-con opens, there is no indication of any tax revolution brewing. The HI Chamber of Commerce proposed a constitutional limitation on state spending but the delegates, the majority of which come from the two major labor parties, are in favor of tampering with the constitution as little as possible and are not likely to make big amendments. 16
7/4/1978 Con Con '78...Hawaii's Seven Constitutions A history of the several iterations of the Hawaii Constitution and the movers and shakers behind each one. 24
7/4/1978 Prelude and Predecessors Looks at the previous conventions, delegates, and then the current. 26
7/5/1978 Ariyoshi to Con Con: Find 'Isle Solutions' Governor George Ariyoshi urges delegates of the Constitutional Convention to seek "isle solutions" - that is, solutions that are fitting and appropriate for the unique climate and community of Hawaii. 1
7/6/1978 Con Con '78 - Process, Product   13
7/6/1978 Con Con Should Look Better Soon   12
7/7/1978 Public Can Participate in Con Con Public will be able to testify at public hearings to be held in order to debate proposals for initiative and a unimerical Legislature. 19
7/13/1978 Con Con Gets Cockfight Sanction Bid Discusses a proposed constitutional amendment that, if passed, would make Hawaii the only state to sanction cockfighting by constitutional decree. 18
7/18/1978 Con Con Corner Schedule/summary 78
7/18/1978 Public Hearings Soon for Convention Issues Proposals for initiative referendum and recall and for a unicameral Legislature will be debated in public hearings. 19
7/18/1978 The Mayor, the Governor...and the Constitution Interview of both Mayor Fasi and Gov. Ariyoshi to hear their thoughts about the convention, and on the constitution in general. 29
7/19/1978 Con Con Corner Schedule/summary 78
7/19/1978 State Will Not Extend Deadline for Con Con State elections supervisor refusing to extend the Sept. 20th deadline for delegates. 40
7/20/1978 Independents Win One Battle Delegates agreed to keep July 31st as the deadline for introducing new proposals, leading to the Independent party delegates first convention victory. 71
7/20/1978 PH: Excuse me Spectator pictured stifling a yawn during a hearing at the convention. 14
7/21/1978 Con Con Corner Schedule/summary 79
7/21/1978 Doi Submits 8 Convention Ideas Lt. Gov. Nelson K. Doi submitted 8 proposals to the convention, including one about land preservation called "Aina Malama." 18
7/26/1978 Con Con Corner Schedule/summary 79
8/1/1978 835 Proposals Face Con Con/835 Ideas Placed Before the Con Con Article discussing the historically high number of proposals facing the convention delegates including a break down of some of the biggest issues covered by the proposals such as reforms for the Judiciary, the Legislature, spending limits, Hawaiian Affairs, and the lieutenant governor. 4
8/1/1978 Comparing Three Constitutional Conventions History of the three constitutional conventions held in Hawaii, comparing each one, their efficacy, legacy, and what they meant for Hawaii's history. 25
8/1/1978 Con Con Corner Schedule/summary 80
8/1/1978 A Royal Proposal Proposal 493, proposed by delegate Franklin Hayashida, calls for the reinstatement of a King (or queen) of Hawaii (whose duties would mainly be ceremonial.) 17
8/2/1978 Too Many Proposals A surplus of proposals (roughly 8 per delegate) are burdening the committees and making the process much slower than the '68 Con-Con. 19
8/3/1978 Con Con Corner Schedule/summary 80
8/10/1978 It's Yawn Yawn at Con Con Discusses the day-to-day process of the Con Con. 74
8/14/1978 Paty Ouster Sought for 'Secret' Talks Article discussing the "secret" meeting held by Convention president William Paty and other delegates dissatisfaction with Paty's apparent conflicts of interest. Delegate DiBianco alleges that the decision making for the con-con largely took place before hand and that it had been rigged from the start. 13
8/15/1978 Down With Gobbledygook! Discusses a proposal (that actually uses the phrase "gobbledygook") that calls for governmental writing meant for the public be written in plain language. 20
8/19/1978 PC: Police and
Con Con
Political cartoon. Police popping out of the old federal building where Con-con taking place. 15
8/22/1978 Con Con Factions Have Bitter Battle on Rules The caucus wherein the delegates discussed the recommended rules was lengthy and adversarial, with factionalism and tension rising to the surface of discussions. 73
8/25/1978 PH: What was
that again?
Pictured are Big Island delegate Larry Kono and Maui delegate Tony Takitani at the convention. 14
8/31/1978 A Voter's Unhappiness
Over Con Con
Op-Ed discussing dissatisfaction with the Con Con and the lack of action on the part of delegates. Mentions that reforming the Constitution is important but delegates are deliberating it to death. 76
9/1/1978 More Good News Out of Con Con As the convention moves into its final stretch, good news comes in the form of approval of several constitutional revision proposals that show that the convention was not the "do-nothing Con Con" that people predicted. 20
9/1/1978 PC: See, Hear, Speak Political cartoon. Con-con take on the classic "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" cartoon, this time in reference to delegates and con-con initiatives. 15
9/5/1978 Con Con Enters Last 2 Weeks/Waihee Is Blossoming into Convention 'Star' Wrap up of the Con Con which is nearing adjournment. 85
9/5/1978 Con Con Scoreboard Scoreboard of proposals passed, pending, and failed. 20
9/7/1978 Marketing' Drive Set for Con Con Con Con hired three media experts to launch a marketing capaign for the proposed constitutional amendments expected to gain convention and delegate approval. 82
9/8/1978 PH: Con Con conference Convention President Paty and delegate John Waihe chat during the convention. 14
9/9/1978 PC: David Trask Political cartoon. 15
9/13/1978 Con Con Media Consultants Also Do PR Work for HGEA Two of the three media consultants hired to help the Con Con's marketing campaign have also been tasked with helping HGEA with their public relations. 83
9/13/1978 Lobbyists Agree: Con Con Is a Different Ball Game/Con Con a Different Ball Game for Lobbyists For some lobbyists, the arena of the Con Con has made their job much harder. For others, Con Con has proved to be helpful to their cause. 38
9/14/1978 Con Con's Day of Inactivity Rouses Delegates' Tempers One week from adjournment, tensions grew high amongst delegates after a 15-hour meeting led to little action. 75
9/14/1978 PC: The Pallbearers Political cartoon. Delegates acting as pallbearers for initiative referendum. 15
9/16/1978 Con Con Panel Drafts Ballot Form Con Con delegates draft up the ballot that voters will see in the November general elections. 83
9/19/1978 Con Con Wraps
Up Package
Wrap up of Con Con as it nears adjournment. 89
9/19/1978 Proposed Constitutional Changes Are Detailed Detailed summaries of the proposed Constitutional amendments. 88
9/21/1978 Con Con: A Story Whose End
Hasn't Come
A wrap-up of the Con Con on its final day of session. 87
9/21/1978 Leopold Raps Con Con Republican Gubernatorial hopeful Sen. John Leopold evaluated the performance of the '78 session of the Con Con. 90
9/27/1978 Youths Learn,
Help as Pages at Con Con
The Con Con debuted a program that gives delegates pages while giving youth an opportunity to get involved in the political process. 39
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