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Folder # Folder Label Item Name Date
H3B2:1 Stop H-3 Association v. Dole Research & Notes File No. 11, 409 Appeal No. 87-2204 Photocopies of cases and Handwritten notes; correspondence, notes, and precedent case summaries for plaintiff case planning. 1972-1988
H3B2:2 File No. 87-2204 D.C. Nos. 72-3606; 73-3794 Stop H-3 Association; Hui Malama Aina o Koʻolau v. Elizabeth Dole, as Secretary of the U.S. Department of Transportation; William R. Lake, Hawaiʻi Division Engineer, Federal Highways Administration; Edward Hirata, Director of the Department of Transportation of the State of Hawaiʻi: Appeal from the United States District Court for the District of Hawaii, Samuel P. King Presiding Judge (2 copies) 3/20/1989
H3B2:3 Stop H-3 Ass'n v. Dole 1987 PR File No. 11, 409 Letter enclosed with document United States Coast Guard Action: Adoption of H-3 Environmental Impact Statement, Submitted pursuant to 40 CFR 1506.3 and reference list for Coast Guard Adoption of FHWA's Interstate Route H-3 Environmental Impact Statement for construction through Haiku Valley, Oʻahu, HI 6/29/1988
H3B2:4 Hawaii's Road to Ruin - A Personal Account by Rick Ziegler Hawaii's Road to Ruin - A Personal Account by Rick Ziegler 1990
H3B2:5 Articles regarding H-3 Project Newspaper Articles regarding H-3 Project, Code of Federal Regulations related to H-3 impacts, Modeling and Measurement of Electromagnetic Fields near Loran C and Omega Stations, H-3 Construction Plans, and News StatementsNewspaper Articles regarding H-3 Project 1987-1989
H3B2:6 Book of Photographs Book: E Luku Wale E: Photographs by Piliamo'o Mark Hamasaki and Kapulani Landgraf 2015
H3B2:7 Book Book: Pokane Nights: Moonless Nights and Other Stories from My Grandma 2018
H3B2:8 Flyer Flyer: Haʻiku Valley Cultural Preserve 2023
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