Documenting Futures Beyond Covid-19

The University of Hawaiʻi School of Law Library seeks to document the ideas of our Law School ʻOhana during this pandemic. Rather than feeling confined about where we are now, how can we imagine and plan what the future can mean for us, living in the Hawaiian Islands?

Learn more about the rationale behind this project in this post published on the Law Library's website.


  • Do you have, or have come across, information that helps you envision life beyond the covid-19 pandemic and its related social-political-economic impacts?

  • Are there ways toward a more resilient future?  

  • What are alternative policies, projects, or industries that the Hawaiian Islands could work toward, to live beyond covid-19?

Submit video, sound/voice, photo, text, or web links that represent your ideas in this google form.

We accept submissions of a diverse variety in format and style, from subjective interpretations of creative work to researched policy papers. Submissions can be from a place in Hawai'i or anywhere around the world. However, we ask that your interpretation of your submission represents your response to the question prompts above.

Your submission will be part of this public, digital exhibit called “Documenting Futures Beyond Covid-19.”