Series 7: Box 2

Primary Series Item Date Identifier
Series 7: AV Media Kamehameha Schools Public Affairs Department, Legacy of a Princess, 13 minutes, Dub, Sony L-125 1989 CJWSRS7B2:1
Series 7: AV Media CJ Life, SONY Dynamicron L-750   CJWSRS7B2:2
Series 7: AV Media Trustee Richardson, interview with D. Murakami (Television Journalism) Beta II, Sony Dynamicron 500 May 1984 CJWSRS7B2:3
Series 7: AV Media KGMB Interview with CJ. Boy Scouts - 70th Birthday, Empire Strikes Back, Dynamicron 500   CJWSRS7B2:4
Series 7: AV Media Kamehameha Summer Institute for International Studies, Honolulu, produced by Kamehameha Schools/Bernice Pauahi Bishop Estate 1991 CJWSRS7B2:5
Series 7: AV Media Flower Films, "Puamana," A Film by Les Blank, Meleanna Meyer, and Chris Simon, An aloha-filled portrait of one of Hawaii's best loved and most prolific songwriters, Irmgard Farden Aluli, VHS, Color, 37 minutes 1991 CJWSRS7B2:6
Series 7: AV Media Kaulike: The History of Hawaii's Judiciary, AMPEX 199   CJWSRS7B2:7
Series 7: AV Media Spectrum - Capitol Bldgs etc., Sony Dynamicron L- 500   CJWSRS7B2:8
Series 7: AV Media Kamehameha Schools Song Contest, VHS 1996 CJWSRS7B2:9
Series 7: AV Media Video News Releases from Japan, Japan Expo. Note: From Elisa, video news clips of Japan Trip, Sony Dynamicron ES, VHS   CJWSRS7B2:10
Series 7: AV Media Legacy of a Princess,VHS   CJWSRS7B2:11
Series 7: AV Media Noel Izon, "An Untold Triumph: America's Filipino Soldiers," 84 minutes, VHS  2002 CJWSRS7B2:12
Series 7: AV Media National Center for State Courts, "Leadership, Service, Support." 10 minutes 42 seconds, VHS. Enclosed with a letter correspondence between William S. Richardson and Linda R. Caviness about an NCSC dinner, Roger Warren's presentation, and the NCSC's International Program 5/1/1997 CJWSRS7B2:13
Series 7: AV Media The Soul of Hawaii: Is Bishop Estate Accountable? Channel 22, VHS 2/18/1992 CJWSRS7B2:14
Series 7: AV Media One Heart: An Ocean Apart, VHS   CJWSRS7B2:15
Series 7: AV Media Dean's Roundtable Inaugural Event, William S. Richardson School of Law, Panel Discussion, VHS 6/25/1996 CJWSRS7B2:16
Series 7: AV Media John Burns and William S. Richardson at Governor and Lt. Governor Inauguration, VHS 1982 CJWSRS7B2:17
Series 7: AV Media The Richardson Years, produced by Visual Perspectives 1983 CJWSRS7B2:18
Series 7: AV Media WSR Class of 1988, Copy, L-125 1988 CJWSRS7B2:19
Series 7: AV Media Pro Football Monday Night October 17, John F. Kennedy, Toshiba L-750   CJWSRS7B2:20
Series 7: AV Media KGMB News Report - Aliiolani Hale, Maxell L-500   CJWSRS7B2:21
Series 7: AV Media Burns Maui Reunion, 1960 Slate, Memorex L-750   CJWSRS7B2:22
Series 7: AV Media Supreme Court Session, Courtroom TV, Fuji L-250   CJWSRS7B2:23
Series 7: AV Media CJ News, Toshiba L-500   CJWSRS7B2:24
Series 7: AV Media Statehood 1 and 3 by Lynne Waters, Mo`olelo o Ka Aina. #3 The Road to Statehood Politics, the Hawaiian Movement. Enclosed with a memo from Lynne to Judge Richardson about news and broadcasting, Fuji L-500   CJWSRS7B2:25
Series 7: AV Media Side 1: KGU Maniachi/Miller Talk Show - The Richardson Years, Side 2: Continued, Maxell cassette tape 2/13/1985 CJWSRS7B2:26