Vitousek Box and Shelf List

Source Date Title of Item Type Identifier Item #
Judge Betty Vitousek   Picture of Judge Betty Vitousek with leis, and women around her. Unframed Photo Vitousek Box 1 329
Judge Betty Vitousek   Honolulu Advertiser Home Edition publication "The Family Court of the First Circuit Court" by Janice Wolfe Other Vitousek Box 1 330
Judge Betty Vitousek 1964 A Study of Laws Affecting Family Life and Youth by the Commission on Children and Youth Other Vitousek Box 1 331
Judge Betty Vitousek 1964 A Proposal for the Establishment of a Family Court in the First Circuit of Hawai'I by the Commission on Children and Youth Other Vitousek Box 1 332
Judge Betty Vitousek 1995 Chi Omega award to honor Betty Belle Vitousek Plaque Vitousek Box 1 333
Judge Betty Vitousek 1981 Judge Betty Vitousek Honorary 4-H Club Member Plaque Vitousek Box 1 334
Judge Betty Vitousek 1985 Protection & Advocacy Agency of Hawaii Bestows its Highest Commendation Award to Honorable Judge Betty M. Vitousek for commitment to Disabled Citizens and Support of the Agency's Mission Plaque Vitousek Box 1 335
Judge Betty Vitousek 1985 The Honorable Betty M. Vitousek Distinguished Service Award Hawai'I Women Lawyers Plaque Vitousek Box 1 336
Judge Betty Vitousek 1986 Betty M. Vitousek Life Member of the Fellows of the American Bar Foundation Plaque Vitousek Box 1 337
Judge Betty Vitousek 1999 Legal Aid Society of Hawaii Gives Special Thanks to Betty Vitousek for Our New Building Plaque Vitousek Box 1 338
Judge Betty Vitousek 1987 Association of Family and Conciliation Courts in Appreciation of Enduring Service to the Honorable Betty M. Vitousek to Honor her for Her Devotion to Families and the Law Plaque Vitousek Box 1 339
Judge Betty Vitousek 1994 Hawai'i Women's Political Caucus presents this Pacesetters Award to Betty Vitousek in deepest appreciation for her outstanding contribution to the advancement of women and families in Hawai'i Framed Document Vitousek Box 1 340
Judge Betty Vitousek   Honorable Betty M. Vitousek, Judge - Eighth Division (door plate) Other Vitousek Box 1 341
Judge Betty Vitousek 1988 Hawai'I State Bar Association certificate to Betty Morrison Vitousek for service to the Bar and Judiciary and advancement of the Hawai'I State Bar Association; and exemplifying ideals of the association Framed Document Vitousek shelf 342
Judge Betty Vitousek   State of Hawaii Congratulates Judge Betty Vitousek on Receiving the Hawai'I Women Lawyer's Lifetime Achievement Award Framed Document Vitousek shelf 343
Judge Betty Vitousek   The House of Representatives State of Hawaii Presents Certificate to the Honorable Betty Morrison Vitousek Framed Document Vitousek shelf 344
Judge Betty Vitousek   The House of Representatives State of Hawaii honors Betty Vitousek Framed Document Vitousek shelf 345
Judge Betty Vitousek 1975 Baldwin Alexander Unity Justice Award presented to Judge Betty M. Vitousek by the National Assembly of Hawaiian Baha'is Office of Human Rights Plaque Vitousek shelf 346
Vitousek Box and Shelf List