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Item Date Box Number Folder Number
United States of America v. Arthur Willard Parelius, Ruling on Notion for New Trial, Criminal No. 10.206 1949 1 55
Re: Proceedings of the Court's Commission on Unprofessional Conduct and Unauthorized Practice of Law; subpoena to Myer Symonds 1968 1 56
News article "Probers Seize Union Records; Wilnesses' Silence Spurs Move" 12/4/1956 1 57
Correspondence from C.J. William S. Richardson, Judicial Council, to Myer Symonds regarding preparationof proposed Hawaii Penal Code in the Committee on Criminal Law Revision 1969 1 58
Correspondence from Myer Symonds to C.J. Samuel B. Kemp and J. Russel Cades regarding access to the Hawaii State Bar 1947-1948 1 59
Correspondence from Myer Symonds to Mr. Harry R. Hewitt regarding proposed resolution regarding communism 12/21/1949 1 60
Interview with Myer Symonds regarding ILWU during end of 1946 and the conditions in which Harriet and Symonds assisted the pineapple, sugar and longshore workers 7/29/1987 1 61
Gustave Meyer v. G.B. Collins, complaint for rescission of Contract and Damages 11/8/1933 1 62
Senate Resolution S.R. 150 Recognizing the Achievements of Myer C. Symonds 1980 1 63
Hearings regarding Communist Activities in the Territory of Hawaii-Part 4, Testimony of Jack H. Kawano, Committee on Un-American Activities, House of Representatives 7/6/1951 1 64
Newsclippings about or including Myer Symonds cases regarding Hawaii Bar, Art Rutledge, Howard J. Fujiura, ILWU, Hotel St., Mataaga Misa, Francis Tabanera Rape Case, John Manuel Rape Case, Anthony Paul Assault and Battery Case, Robert McElrath, Wilfred Oka, and Symonds Case, Kawano 1956-1963 1 65
Newclippings regarding communism cases in Hawaii, including names such as Daisy K. Van Dorn, Smith Act, Ichiro Izuka, Koji Ariyoshi, Stephen Kong Jr., Samuel N. Peneku, Hawaii 7 Jury, Lorrin Thurston,and Raymond Coll on "Disbar all Red Lawyers," Victor Riesel 1953-1958 1 66
Handwritten Essay of Myer Symonds life from his point of view for Mari Matsuda's research, and lawyer jokes   1 67
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