Folder 3

Item Date Box Number Folder Number
In re: Proposed Grant of Immunity under U.S. Code 3486 to Myer Symonds, Application 1957 1 32
Documents regarding information about Myer Symonds regarding defense re: Smith Act, contact with William Esterman, Judge Metzger and George Shibley, and handwritten notes 1953 1 33
In re: Proposed Grant of Immunity under U.S. Code 3486 to Myer Symonds, Miscellaneous No. 9-57, Order 1957 1 34
Handwritten Correspondence from Able Glasser to Myer Symonds regarding OPA lawyers 1943 1 35
Correspondence between Metzger and Dr. Robert Jacobson regarding life imprisonment of Arthur Willard Parelius 4/12/1949 1 36
Correspondence between Associate Council of Internal Security Subcommittee and Myer Symonds to appear as witness to the Internal Security Subcommittee; application attached 2/25/1957 1 37
Record of reasons of saying no to Local 5 leaflet and Rutledge Local 5 flyer regarding ILWU 1965 1 38
Handwritten essay regarding dismissal of the Smith Act Case and President of the U.S. replacing Judge Wiig on the Federal Bench   1 39
Xerox copy of Gustave Meyer v. G.B. Collins; noted as the first complaint I ever filed in own name 1933 1 40
Voice of the ILWU Publicatioin "A legal war horse looks back at the 50 years of service" regarding Myer Symonds experience with anti-Semitism 1984 1 41
Handwritten notes about personal background and a timeline of Myer's professional history   1 42
Letter to Mari: Handwritten notes regarding Myer's history, letters to Nadine, Jewish identification, and the vision of a Socialist future.    1 43
U.S. Court of Appeals Nos. 13787 and 13808. In re: Robert McElrath, Nos. 13788 and 13809. In re: Wilfred M. Oka, Nos. 13789 and 13819. In re: Myer C. Symonds, Nos. 13790 and 13811. In re: Harold Glasser 6/5/1957 1 44
"Report from the National" Lawyers Guild by Jim Larson   1 45
News articles of interest to Myer Symonds: "Wil Willie Play Gin with Rose?" and "Priest Pleads Innocent in Sexual Abuse Case"   1 46
Handwritten essay of Myer Symonds arrival in Honolulu and how he got involved with ILWU, Harriet Bouslog, and the labor movement   1 47
Star-Bulletin news article about Hawaii's first constitutional convention (1950s), which mentions Sam W. King, Hiram L. Fong, Hebden Porteus, and Myer Symonds 1950 1 48
Honolulu Star-Bulletin article "Fighters for the Underdog" regarding Harriet Bouslog and Myer Symonds   1 49
Correspondence between Myer Symonds and Clair Engle regarding anti-labor bills 1947 1 50
Correspondence regarding Myer C. Symonds participating in legal education courses and conferences 1960-1970 1 51
Correspondence between Delbert Metzger and Myer Symonds 1961 1 52
Letters from former colleagues and clients of Myer Symonds thanking him or maintaining relationships 1969-1975 1 53
Newspaper articles by or about Jack Hall Day, Myer Symonds regarding labor criminal law, continuing legal education, communism and Japanese relocation   1 54