Folder 2

Item Date Box Number Folder Number
Newspaper articles regarding Myer Symonds litigation for the Office of Price Administration on Steel, Scrap, Iron, Lumber, Rent, Citrus Fruit and Jessica Freeman-Mitford 1943-1946 1 17
Speech and Correspondence regarding Myer Symonds leaving OPA for Army 1944 1 18
Newspaper articles regarding Ernest J. Torregano's death, Vincent Hallinan going to prison for tax evasion, and Mrs. Morton Lewis and Mrs. Leah Symonds as PTA participants 1954 1 19
Letter from Myer Symonds to family regarding return to Sydney 1/28/1980 1 20
In the Matter of Hon. Delbert E. Metzger in Memoriam, Transcript of Proceedings. Resolution of the Bar of Hawaii of Delbert Metzger by Myer Symonds 1967-1970 1 21
Letter from Myer Symonds regarding China, hospitals and hotels 1975 1 22
Book Review of "Street Fighter in the Courtroom" by Charles Garry Res Ipsa Loquitur 1979 1 23
Poli Sci 123 UC Examination Book of Myer Symonds regarding Hoover's Armistice Day Speech 1929 1 24
Handwritten Essay by Myer Symonds "When Slaves become Serfs" and Marxism to his sister-in-law 1983 1 25
U.S. Court of Appeals No.; 13787-13790, 13808-13811. In re: Robert McElrath, Wilfred M. Oka, Myer C. Symonds, Harold Glasser, Appellants "The right of prospective witnesses to be parties"   1 26
ILWU Resolutions Honoring Myer Symonds and H.R. No. 254 Honoring Myer Symonds 1977 1 27
248 Federal Reporter, 2d Series, In re: Robert McElrath, In re: Wilfred M. Oka, In re: Myer Symonds, In re: Harold Glasser, Appellants No. 13787, 13808, 12788, 13809, 13789, 13810, 13790, 13811 1957 1 28
OKeith v. Johnson, U.S.S.C. of Appeals 9th Circuit No. 10134 1942 1 29
Correspondence from Myer Symonds to George regarding not giving money to the temple. Correspondence between Myer Symonds and Editor of Honolulu Advertiser regarding "reflections on Reinecke".   1 30
Copy of Dateline Column and Andy Capp Comic and Leaders of Hawaii 1983 cover xerox copy 1983 1 31