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Biographical Documents of Myer Symonds. Letter from donor Lila Gardner via Mari Matsuda, "years in order" timeline of Myer Symonds, obituary article of Symonds death, gravesite in Punchbowl, biography 2009 MS1:1
Correspondences with Myer Symonds regarding professional work and academia (1961-1970) Information on trip to China (1976) (1961-1970, 1976) MS1:2
ILWU Forged in Hawaii outline: Hawaii Labor History and ILWU Labor Institute   MS1:3
Correspondence to affirm the integrity of Myer Symonds as a result of red-baiting 1943-1984 MS1:4
Newspaper clippings about Myer Symonds regarding Judge Ronald B. Jamieson's position on police arrests (1964) and Tribute to anti-war and labor activist John E. Reinecke (1982) 1964-1982 MS1:5
"The Recorder" article regarding Myer Symonds military service (1945) and Birth records in District of Sydney, New South Wales of Cyril Meyer (1909) 1909-1945 MS1:6
Bar Association of Hawaii Minutes of a Special Executive Board Meeting regarding "Ethics Committee-Bouslog-Symonds Matter" (1957), news articles re: Communist red-baiting and the ACLU honoring of Bouslog-Symonds for labor advocacy (1957-1980) 1957-1980 MS1:7
Newspaper clippings regarding John E. Reinecke's vilification and exoneration 1982 MS1:8
News article regarding "Todaro and Smith Act" by Myer Symonds, postcard to comrade Symonds to "keep up the good work," correspondence from Ben Margolis regarding office break in by FBI (1983), and Indictment USA vs. Fujimoto, Freeman, Hall, Kimoto, Reinecke and Ariyoshi (1951) 1951-1983 MS1:9
Documents regarding ACLU Honoring of Bouslog-Symonds 1979-1980 MS1:10
Friends and Foes "Chapter 33: Bouslog and Symonds" regarding their legal partnership representing the ILWU 2007 MS1:11
Articles regarding Koji Ariyoshi, friend of the Chinese people, "Law in the People's Republic of China," doctors and medicine in the People's Republic of China 1976 MS1:12
NLG article "Justice is a Constant Struggle" about Myer C. Symonds 1987 MS1:13
Documents regarding Myer Symonds membership of the Emanue-El Church and position regarding Jew-Arab relations 1976-1980 MS1:14
Correspondence between the Office of Price Administration and Myer Symonds regarding Military Service 1944 MS1:15
Correspondence regarding Myer Symonds work with the Office of Price Administration (1942). News articles regarding Symonds post as lawyer for the OPA (1942)   MS1:16
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